Our Story

Brian and I met two days before my freshman year of college at the University of South Florida in August of 2008. I had planned on attending a freshman event that Saturday, and he just so happened to be helping with it. I wouldn’t say it was “love at first sight,” but I did find Brian handsome and funny and obviously smart. I knew we could be great friends, but I didn’t necessarily picture anything more at that point! We grew to know each other over the course of several months and we began having feelings for one another. In January of 2009, I went to Washington DC for 5 days to attend the inauguration of President Obama. The day I returned, Brian requested to take me out to dinner and it was then that he declared his undying love for me. Yea, not really–although he did miss me! He just asked if I wanted to begin dating him.
We dated for about 6 months when Brian proposed in June of 2009 at our favorite park in Tampa. We were married on February 13, 2010. Pretty speedy, right?
After marrying, we lived in Pensacola for a few months until we figured out what our next step was. I had been applying to nursing schools at that point, so we were waiting to see where I got accepted to know where we would be living. As it turns out, God had some different plans for us, and I didn’t get accepted to any of the three schools I applied to for various reasons. Instead, we spent an entire Summer on mission in North and South Dakota. It was our first ministry opportunity as a married couple and we certainly learned a lot about ourselves and the gifts God had given us. While in South Dakota, we felt called to move back to Tampa to complete our degrees. It just so happened that our college minister was looking for a mature guy and gal to work for the BCM at that very time and he shared that opportunity with us. Seriously–God’s timing.
In August of 2010, we moved from Pensacola back to USF to begin our service with the BCM. We had an incredible year in Tampa! We built deep relationships with students, we saw God work in some incredible ways at the USF campus, and we certainly continued to learn more and more about what specific ministry He had called us to. International church planting, it was! After graduating in May of 2011, we had plans to move to Louisville, KY for Brian to begin his Master’s degree at Southern Seminary.
Once we moved to Louisville, life was a lot different! Suddenly, we had a lot of married friends and we were working “real jobs.” Life was good, but different. In April of 2012, we found out that we had our first babyMat on the way! You can read about that here. Obviously, he was not expected, but certainly welcome! The birth of Levi changed our lives and now we couldn’t imagine life without him. He arrived nearly 4 weeks early and spent 5 days in the NICU after birth, due to a possible infection and jaundice. I’m not sure how I made it through those 5 days without the strength from God, love from my husband, and help from my mom. Now our Levi Hudson is nearing 18 months old and he continues to grow and develop right on track!
We still have about two more years of studying here at SBTS and we are trying to make the most of our time in Louisville! We aren’t exactly sure where God is leading us next–maybe domestic church planting (to get our feet wet) or maybe overseas. Brian is working full-time at Starbucks for now and I am blessed to work for Campus Quilt Co. from home and care for my sweet son. We are excited for this stage of life as we journey together as a family of three!

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