Henry: 21 Months Old


Happy 21 months to our Henry Owen! We’ll just pretend that I didn’t forget to write here for the last 3 months. Second baby problems 😉 We’ll just blame it on that guy pictured above because, boy, has he kept his mama busy. Henry is full of life, energy, mischief and emotion! BIG emotions with this one. I never realized how laid back Levi was until I had to be a mother to Henry. But, Henry is also the most affectionate little lover boy, so I can deal with his roller coaster of emotions if it means I’ll get all the kisses and cuddles! He is very sweet and very sensitive–and also the cutest little blondie–so that should help him in his love life later down the road.


Praise the Lord, Henry has finally slowed down in his eating! Suddenly, a month or two ago, he was satisfied with a normal toddler serving instead of two. His entire life has been marked by insane portion sizes, so this was definitely a change for us all. He will still eat *just* about everything, but is obviously starting to have more preferences now. He’s still not a huge fan of lettuce, but I always make a mini salad on his dinner plate regardless–at least he’ll eat the other veggies mixed in and continue to try the lettuce.

Henry’s favorites include:



Cooked carrots


Rice and Beans

English Muffin Pizzas

He has had using a spoon & fork mastered for a few months now.


Sleep has pretty much leveled off since I last updated when Henry was 18 months old. He has been transitioned to one nap for a couple of months now, which is amazing some days and makes me want to cry others. 6 hours straight in the morning with a very emotional person can sometimes wear on mama! His normal sleep schedule is wake at 7/7:30 AM, nap from 1-3/3:30 PM and head to bed at 7/7:30 PM. He and Levi still LOVE sharing a room. It’s been a bit over a year now since we made that transition and I don’t think we’ll be able to separate them until at least their teen years ❤


Henry is a crazy busy, mobile baby. I love it and I hate it! He is absolutely fearless on the playground, climbing up everything he can get his hands on and going down even the tallest slides headfirst on his belly. Other moms seriously look at me and wonder why/how I let him do what he does, but he’s SO tough and resilient! (Obviously, I would never let him put himself in serious danger.) But, he also hates to sit still anywhere, which gets exhausting! We are trying to work with him more about staying still and engaged in places that require it (church, watching a movie, in the stroller at the store, etc). Baby steps–I know it’s a learned trait!


At 21 months, Henry now has 16 teeth! His canines were the worst ever (which I remember with Levi as well). It was literally a month of misery for him. Poor guy (and daddy, mommy and Levi). Glad that is past us!


Henry is finally starting to really pick up on words and articulate them! A month or so ago, I started hiding his pacifiers except for sleeping times, and ever since then he has been talking a lot more. I think not having that plug in his mouth has really helped him! 😉 He now says mommy very, very well, doggie, car, ball, and blankie. Not very many complex words yet, but I’m just happy to see some progress!

He is also the master of all tantrum throwers! Now he’ll throw himself on the floor, run from me, hit his leg or his hip, shake his head, and scream when he doesn’t like how things are playing out for him. Goodness gracious. Reading back on Levi at this age (so glad I blogged then!) I know it’s super normal as they learn boundaries, but that doesn’t always make it easier. Henry has been purposefully ignoring me when I’m telling him not to do something, which I don’t ever remember from Levi, so that has been hard. Good reminders to get down on his level and look him in the eye.


7:30 AM             Awake, playing in room with Levi

7:45 or 8 AM     Breakfast with Levi + sippy of milk, then playtime

12:00 PM           Lunch with Levi + sippy of milk

12:45/1:00 PM   Down for nap

3:00/3:30 PM    Up from nap, sippy of milk and snack

5:30/6:00 PM    Dinner with family + sippy of milk

7:00 PM           Bed


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