Henry: 18 Months Old

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetHi Henny Benny, as we have grown to call you! I know it’s been several months since my last little blog post about you. Forgive me! On Christmas Day, you turned 18 months, so I figured now is as good a time as any to update here with what you’re up to these days. At your 18 month check up a few days back, you were 27 lbs (85th%) and 35 inches tall (95th%), so you’re definitely still a big guy. When we are out, people often mistake you for a 2 year old because of how huge you are! You have been well into 2T clothes for a few months now. Here’s some more about these last few months:


Nothing really new here. You still eat A TON–more than your brother at most meals! You like just about everything, so I can’t even think of favorites for you at this point. You have pretty much mastered using a spoon and you’re working on figuring out a fork!


About a month ago, we officially transitioned to “one nap.” I write that in quotations because you are still needing a tiny little catnap around 10:30 or 11 AM each morning. We’ve been staying SUPER busy in the mornings (more than I’d really like to be) so that you can nap on the way home from wherever we go. That has been working nicely! Once you get that 10-15 minute power nap in the car, you are refreshed and ready to go until 1 PM when it’s time for your real nap. At that point, you’ll sleep from 1 until at least 3 PM. You still go down to bed with Levi around 7 PM each night and wake between 7/7:30 AM.


The day you turned 17 months, you finally began walking! Hallelujah! We were at Grammy and Papi’s house and you walked to Papi as he held out a cookie for you. You walked for about a week following that (pretty wobbly), took a 3-4 day break and completely went back to crawling, and then began walking again (this time with much more stability!). So you’re now about a month into it and we are both LOVING it! You seem to love the freedom and the ease of getting around and I love not having to carry you/letting you crawl everywhere.

You have mastered climbing on to the couch, rocking chair, and Levi’s bed! You also get onto your stool to reach the counter top, but you have not yet figured out how to get off it. For Christmas this year, mommy and daddy bought you a scooter like Levi’s, so we are excited to help you learn to ride it! You also know how to kick a soccer ball now, and of course, you’re always trying to improve your awesome throwing skills.



At 18 months, you now have 13 teeth, with your second canine about to break through any day now! Those molars took some time to fully come up and your first canine was right behind them. It’s been a tough month for you in the teething department! Often you’ll just hold your little mouth and whine. You’ve been drooling an insane amount, which has led to some yucky poops. I decided to use disposable diapers for the month while we wait for this to pass.


Henry now knows how to say:

Thank you

Yes please



Night night

and something similar to Levi

Most of these words only I can understand, but there has been definite improvement! Sometimes, he’ll just make two humming sounds to represent the words he is wanting to say, which is pretty funny.

One thing that really changed over the past month or two is Henry’s tendency to throw fits! Just a simple “no” will send him screaming and throwing himself on the floor. Oui.


7:00 AM             Sippy (4 oz cow’s milk)

7:45 or 8 AM     Breakfast with Levi, then playtime

10:30 AM           15 min power nap on-the-go, sippy (4 oz cow’s milk)

12:00 PM           Lunch with Levi

1:00 PM             Down for nap

3:00/3:30 PM    Up from nap, sippy (4 oz cow’s milk) and snack

5:30/6:00 PM    Dinner with family

6:30 PM            Sippy (4 oz cow’s milk)

7:00 PM           Bed

img_6236We love you so much, Henry! Can’t believe it’s already been 1.5 years since you joined our little family.

Levi: 4 Years Old!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Happy 4th Birthday to our sweet Levi Hudson! We cannot believe that you are already 4 years old–time has surely flown by. I know this is about a month late, but I wanted to share a little update about you, since I love to look back on these posts and remember all the little things in your life! Levi, you are getting more intelligent and observant by the day! You LOVE to ask questions about EVERYTHING, all day long. Sometimes I think that I cannot handle one more question, but there you are with yet another one. Your daddy always encourages me, reminding me that you asking questions is good. It means you are learning and processing the world around you. He’s right, as always. Here’s a little update from the last 6 months:


Your eating is still the same as it was at 3.5 years old. You are still starting to become picky about some things, knowing what you like and dislike. You have finally come around to bell peppers again, after a few months of continually encouraging you to eat them. I’m sure that will be the case for many foods in your life. Blue box mac n’ cheese is still your favorite! At your check-up a few days ago, you weighed in at 34 pounds (40th %)–so up 2 lbs in the past 6 months. Also noteworthy is your height of 3’6″ (95th%)!


Sleep is still about the same as it was 6 months back. You are going down for a nap at 1 PM each day. Most days you don’t fight going down, but you have been waking up after only a 1 hour nap some days. I think you are slowly phasing out of your nap time, which I’m not looking forward to. You are still waking at 7 AM and going to bed at 7 PM.


Your climbing abilities have improved these past six months, as well as your skills on your scooter! You love to run and jump around, especially with your brother. For your 4th birthday, you received your first set of “big boy” Legos from GG and Pepa, so your fine motor skills have really been tested with those. You enjoy building with those Legos very much! Your fine motor skills are also being challenged right now as you learn to write your letters. You are an extreme perfectionist and you grow discouraged when your writing is not exactly right. It’s been challenging for mommy to teach you because you often just want to give up! I’ve been trying to help you see that good handwriting can only come with practice.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


Socially, you have greatly improved! You have become super friendly over the past few months, waving at anybody who happens to be walking by our house. You are learning a bit of Spanish and will say “hola,” “adios,” or “como estas?” to others when we are out in public. I’m very proud of you for your willingness to learn and grow in this area! Your good friend right now is Emilia. We have been meeting once a week for playdates and you two get along very well. You talk about school quite often and wanting to start! I know you are very ready, but I’m also a bit sad that this chapter of our time together is coming to a close.


We can tell that your hormones are just all over the place at this age! Even the tiniest situation will cause you to burst into tears. I take comfort in knowing that this is normal for 4 year olds, but I also am caught off guard when you react so harshly. You love to boss Henry around, which causes me to have flashbacks multiple times a day of when I used to boss Uncle Scott around at your age! I always have to remind you of who Henry’s mommy is–not you 😉


Levi is all about his superheroes! You have around 20 now and play with them everyday. For Christmas, you received some toy soldiers that you have enjoyed playing with. Your favorite show is Lion Guard and your favorite movie is still Toy Story. Any type of art and craft activity gets you so pumped! You love coloring, playing with Play-Doh, painting, even using stickers. You’d much rather do things like that over any type of physical activity.


For your birthday this year, daddy really wanted to get you a t-ball tee and bat! You have enjoyed playing with that outside. We went out for a special dinner to Rainforest Cafe! You were in awe the entire time, but your brother was petrified. That made for an interesting evening! The week before your birthday, we had a little Toy Story “party” at Grammy and Papi’s house, which was so fun!


We love you so much Hudsey! You may ask a bazillion questions a day, but we love your eagerness to learn and your maturity that is far beyond your years. We are excited to see what this year holds for you as we send you off to school and as your interests continue to grow. Happy 4th birthday, my love!