Henry: 14 and 15 Months


Seems that time has gotten away from me here, since our Henry is two weeks shy of 16 months now!! Sorry, second baby! These last two months have been HUGE for Henry developmentally. He is starting to say a lot more words, mimic us, and he is definitely growing in his understanding of things! We had Henry’s 15 month check up on 9/27 and Henry tipped the scales at 25 lbs (88th%) and 33.5 inches tall (100th%). His doctor was amazed! I knew he had gained substantially over the last three months (since his 12 month check up), but I didn’t realize it was THAT much! He is now in 2T clothes and can even wear some of the same shorts as his skinny big brother!


Well, as you can imagine, with a giant baby, he’s not lacking in the eating department. Most days he will eat more than Levi! His favorites right now are bananas, pasta, popsicles, and cheese sticks, but I have yet to see more than 1-2 things that this baby truly didn’t like. Henry is a fantastic eater! He is also doing better with not throwing food after a little bit of training and mild discipline.

Henry is still taking 4 -4 oz servings of whole milk per day, but we have fully transitioned to sippy cups (instead of bottles). He loves his Munchkin 360 cups!


Henry’s night sleep is still solid: 7 PM to 7/7:30 AM each day! However, I can tell he is transitioning to one nap during the day. He is taking FOREVER to fall asleep for both naps now and it’s throwing his entire schedule off. This is way earlier than Levi was ready to transition to one nap, but pretty normal for his age.


Not much new here! Henry still is not walking and barely standing without support. I’ve been trying to practice standing with him everyday, and he is just so timid. His doctor is not super concerned, given Levi’s later gross motor skills, but said she would like to put him in PT if he is still not walking come 18 months. I’m glad she is laid back about it, but I’m ready for this guy to walk. He is so heavy to carry these days! He can, however, climb some things! He is working on climbing onto the couch, and has climbed onto an outdoor folding chair a time or two.


At 15.5 months, Henry now has 9 teeth with his second molar just about to cut through his gum. Those molars are brutal! He’s been extremely clingy and whiny over this past month or so. Poor babe.

At Levi’s recent dentist appointment, I did have her check out Henry’s front teeth and she confirmed he does have a “double tooth.” Basically, it’s just a tooth that was forming as two, but stayed fused. She said it’s not indicative of his adult tooth being like that, so hopefully it’s just a quirky kid thing!


About a month ago (14.5 months), Henry really started to put more words together! This is really an awesome stage–I remember it well with Levi too. You can truly just see his brain working as he is trying to understand and communicate! Henry can now say:

Da-da and ma-ma (he says mama a lot more frequently 😉 )


All done!



Uh-uh (which is his way of saying “woof woof”)

I know more words are just around the corner! He also understands SO MUCH, even if he can’t say it yet. Henry get extremely excited if we say, outside, bath, shoes, doggie, milk, or hat (he just recently started wearing Levi’s hats!).


So, this is his current schedule, but I know it needs to change ASAP.

7:00 AM             Sippy (4 oz cow’s milk)

7:45 or 8 AM     Breakfast with Levi

9:30 AM            Down for nap (asleep by 10/10:30 AM)

11:30 AM           Up from nap, sippy (4 oz cow’s milk)

12:00 PM           Lunch with Levi

1:30 PM             Down for nap (asleep by 2/2:30 PM)

3:30/4 PM          Up from nap, sippy (4 oz cow’s milk) and snack

5:30/6:00 PM    Dinner with family

6:30 PM            Sippy (4 oz cow’s milk)

7:00 PM           Bed (asleep by 7:30 PM)

If I get into nursing school (we should know soon!), both boys will start school within a few weeks! If that’s the case, he’ll definitely be transitioning to a 1-nap schedule then, which might make things easier on me. I’ve kind of been waiting on that news to decide how to proceed.




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