Henry: 13 Months Old


Welp, Henry was 13 months old on July 25–so this is more like a “13.5 months old” post, but whatever. This has been a big month for you, Hens! You’re talking (babbling) more, even more expressive than ever before, and starting to become a lot more mobile!


Your eating is still out. of. control. You have started becoming very mad when I try to spoon feed anything to you–you just want finger foods so that you can control the pace at which you eat! And that’s actually kind of nice for me until we’re eating rice for dinner or yogurt for breakfast or applesauce for lunch, because not only are you controlling, but you’re MESSY. You’ll get food in your ears and all in your hair. Not to mention on the floor because you’ve learned the art of throwing food you don’t care for. We still love you though.

You are now drinking 4 – 4 oz bottles of regular whole milk each day. Earlier this month, I weaned you off the lactose free milk and you tolerated it really well. I was just tired of buying three different kinds of milk (almond milk for Brian), so we had to streamline it somewhere!


Sleep is still awesome! You are ready for bed by 7 each night and we don’t hear a peep from you until 7 or 7:30 the next morning. Your naps have been a little weird lately–I think you are transitioning to less daytime sleep. I’m not quite ready for that though. You’ve started taking quite a while to fall asleep at each nap 😦


Henry is consistently crawling around on all fours (belly up off the ground), cruising furniture, and pulling up on anything and everything. He isn’t super interested in trying to take steps while holding my hands yet. Sometimes I’ll put a toy out in front of him while he’s standing (with support) and he will refuse to try to step and drop right down to his knees to come get it. I know it’s still pretty early, but I’m having flashbacks to our 20 month old crawler (Levi) and hoping history doesn’t repeat itself.


As of now, Henry has 8 teeth! 4 on bottom and 4 on top. He has been especially clingy to me lately and whining occasionally in the middle of the night, so I’m wondering if his 1 year molars are not too far off as well.


While you have said a few words (ma-ma, da-da, yay) a few times each, you don’t really say them consistently quite yet. You are definitely putting together new sounds and babbling quite a bit more now that you turned one, so I’m not worried. One of mommy and daddy’s favorite things is to listen to you talk while we drive in the car. You love to sit in your car seat, look out the window, and just babble like crazy. It cracks us up.


Once that wonder week was over last month, you all of the sudden started having some independent playtime each day. And all on your own accord! While I clean the breakfast dishes each morning, you’ll often just crawl into your room and start playing. It’s so nice that you are becoming a little more independent now! Usually, once you see me, it’s all over, so I make sure to stay clear of your room. But I love hearing you play for even up to 20 minutes at a time!


7:00 AM             Bottle (4 oz cow’s milk)

7:45 or 8 AM     Breakfast with Levi

9:00 AM            Nap (wake around 10-10:30 AM)

11:00 AM           Bottle (4 oz cow’s milk)

12:00 PM           Lunch with Levi

1:00 PM             Nap

3:00 PM            Bottle (4 oz cow’s milk) and snack

5:30/6:00 PM    Dinner with family

6:30 PM            Bottle (4 oz cow’s milk)

7:00 PM           Bed

We love you so much, sweet babe! It’s so fun to watch you learn and grow.


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