Levi: 3.5 Years Old


My sweet Hudson, what a precious little boy you are becoming. I cannot believe that you are already 3.5 years old–already on the verge of 4. You are growing and learning and developing your little attitude and sense of self on a daily basis. Sometimes you say and remember things that daddy and I cannot believe. You are intelligent, observant, and thoughtful–you always have been. Here’s a bit about you over these past 6 months:


You’ve become a bit more picky over these past months than you ever have been. You know what you “like” now and what you dislike, although those things change often. Mommy tries to get you in the kitchen to help as much as you’d like because that makes you a bit more adventurous with trying new foods. Overall though, you still are a fantastic eater! You favorite still remains…mac and cheese.

Your appetite seems to have decreased a bit over this past month or two. But not to worry, you have a hefty little brother who is willing to eat all your leftovers! On the Publix scale, you’re now weighing 32 lbs–so 2 lbs up from your 3 year check-up.


No huge noticeable changes here. You are still doing great with a 1 PM naptime, especially if we are really active in the morning. I have noticed you stay awake longer at bedtime than you used to and you are always the first one up in the morning (before Henry), so I think you are compensating with less nighttime sleep. However, you will stay in your bed/your room quietly from 7 PM to 7 AM, so I don’t plan on making any changes anytime soon. Room-sharing with Henry is going wonderfully, knock on wood. I think you both very much enjoy it! My favorite time of day is hearing you two playing together in the morning before I go in to get you.


Within the past 6 months, you have mastered climbing the rock wall at the playground! I was so proud of you for even wanting to try (since you’re normally very cautious about such things). You are also currently playing soccer with Soccer Shots Miami. You are enjoying it, but get really tired about 10 minutes before class is over. 20-25 minutes is seriously your limit. Mommy has really loved watching you play your first “sport!”



Over the past 6 months, you have truly grown in your social skills. You no longer fight with or scream at Jason and Maya and you are learning to share with Henry. Last month, you attended your first Vacation Bible School–your first time away from mommy! You had a BLAST. It was from 9-noon each day and you never wanted to leave! I know you will really enjoy preschool once we get to that point!


You have certainly developed a little attitude over the past several months, Levi Hudson! Mommy and daddy have had to figure out how to handle this, as this is our first time parenting someone your age 😉 Usually, just talking through an issue with you really helps. You are very logical in that way.


Levi is all about superheroes right now! He has about 12 action figures now, some of which he has saved up his own money for. His favorite show is still Daniel Tiger and his favorite movie is Toy Story. He has grown to love reading books at bedtime, especially his Avengers story book. As always, he is also really into arts and crafts. He loves drawing, coloring, and painting things!


Lastly, Levi has truly blossomed into his role as a big brother over these past few months. Now that Henry is more active and playful, it is so sweet to watch the two of them interact. Levi loves to give Henry hugs and kisses and even try to wrestle with him. They have a special bond and I’m excited to see it grow as the years unfold!


We love you so so much our little Hudsey bear! It is so fun to watch you learn new things and develop into a little boy. We pray the last 6 months of your 3rd year are full of new experiences and lots of fun!


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