Henry: One Year Old

Henry 12

Happy birthday, Henry Hugglemonster (as Levi so lovingly calls you)! We cannot believe you are already 1 year old–and that we survived a year with you. You are our sweet, demanding, passionate baby! Always on the move and always wanting something! It has been such a good, challenging year of growth for ALL of us. Here’s a little bit about you at 12 months old:


Today was our last day of nursing! I’m a little emotional about this, but I know we are both ready to move forward, onto this next stage. You love love love your bottles of milk! I’ve started laying you on your boppy pillow for each feeding and you down your milk in minutes. For some reason, I’m liking the bottles for now. You know how to use a sippy (your Munchkin 360 cup) just fine, so I’m not worried about the transition to that when we’re ready. We are currently doing lactose free milk, since regular milk was giving you a bit of diarrhea.

Solids are pretty much the same! You’re still crazy about food and weighed in at 22 lbs this week to show for it (up 4 lbs since your 9 month appointment). Your doctor was really impressed by this! Your favorite food right now are ham and cheese sandwiches. Hah!


You’ve been sleeping awesome this month! You’ve always been an amazing sleeper (aside from those months of 5 AM wakings), but this month you even started sleeping past 7 AM some days! I’ve really enjoyed that 😉


Henry is crawling on all fours some of the time! He’s definitely trying to do that more and more often, but will resort to scooting on his belly when he wants to get somewhere fast. He also started pulling up to his feet a lot more over the past couple of weeks! His favorite place to do that is the tub, of course. He has also begun to go from a crawling position to a sitting position, which is especially adorable when I go to get him out of his crib!


You now have 6 teeth–2 have just popped through over the past two days! And I think there are two more about to cut through your gums! You’ve been in a lot of pain lately from that. Last week, I could tell you were in a lot of pain and you just wanted your paci and blankie and kept laying your head down on the floor. Poor baby! Levi was so sweet and kept laying next to you and rubbing your head.


We are back in a wonder week, but it hasn’t been too bad this past week. The first week (last week) was terrible. You were awfully clingy and whiny!


7:00 AM             Nurse

7:45 or 8 AM     Breakfast with Levi

9:00 AM            Nap (wake around 10-10:30 AM)

11:00 AM           Bottle (4 oz cow’s milk)

12:00 PM           Lunch with Levi

1:00 PM             Nap

3:00 PM            Bottle (4 oz cow’s milk) and snack

5:30/6:00 PM    Dinner with family

6:30 PM            Bottle (4 oz cow’s milk)

7:00 PM           Bed


We love you so much, Henry Owen! Even though you drive us crazy sometimes, we would never trade you for anyone else in the world. It is so sweet to see you beginning to play with your brother and get giddy with excitement when you see your daddy! I hope that your zeal and motivation in life only continue to grow!

Happy birthday.


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