Henry: Nine & Ten Months Old


Henry at 9 months old (bottom) and 10 months old (top).

Sorry, little brother. Time seems to have gotten away from me these past two months and I’ve forgotten to blog your monthly update! You have grown and learned so much these past 8 weeks. All of the sudden, you have gone from a baby to a sweet little pre-toddler. Sounds weird, but you have become much more of a big boy lately–you’ll laugh at things that are funny, you’re playing more with your brother, and you are finally starting to sleep later in the mornings. All signs that you’re getting way to big for mommy’s liking. I would love to bottle you up and keep you this age forever (minus this nasty wonder week we’re currently getting through, but more on that later).


You are still such an amazing eater! At 9 months old, it seemed you had finally settled down some–you still loved to eat LOTS, but you were less demanding at the table. However, that was short-lived. Once you began leap #7 at 10 months old, you suddenly remembered how to use your voice to get food. This is one thing that is really hard for mommy, but I know it’s a learning process. I’ve been letting you self-feed a lot, simply because you whine (read: scream) less when you can eat at your own pace.

Your favorites are beans (still), rice, anything with tomato sauce, and yogurt. Speaking of yogurt, over the last couple of weeks (10 months old), we started introducing more dairy into your diet and you are tolerating it well! We started with yogurt and then continued with some cheese. BIG improvements since I incorporated dairy back into my diet. You had pizza for the first time this month and couldn’t get enough! Also this month, you have mastered your Munchkin 360 cup. You love drinking water from it!

You are still nursing at 7, 11, 3 and 6:30ish. We usually have to sit on my bed because Mr. Nosey can’t handle any noise or he is distracted for good! But 5-10 minutes tops and you’re back in on the action.


Sleep is still pretty much the same. I started waking you at 10 AM from your first nap, so that you are ready to go back to sleep at 1 PM when Levi takes his nap. At 10 months old, you are FINALLY extending your morning sleep again (this hasn’t been the case since you turned 4 months old). Praise Jesus! Most mornings you will sleep until 6:30 now, which I can live with. Hopefully that will only keep extending to our DWT of 7. I remember that’s when morning sleep really clicked for Levi too.

You have been sharing a room with Levi for 2 months and are an old pro now! You love your crib and it’s the sweetest thing to hear you guys laughing and playing together each morning. Occasionally you will wake once in the middle of the night, but we’ve had a busy month so far with you sleeping in odd places, so I’m sure with some consistency that’ll work itself out again. At 10 months old, you have finally learned how to re-insert your own paci–an answer to many of my prayers 😉


  • Wonder week #7 is in full force. It’s the pits. You just want to be held all day, every day. You were amazingly content at 9 months though.
  • You have 3 bottom teeth! They make your smile even cuter.
  • You scoot all over the place–you even fell off the hotel bed this month because mommy left you for 3 seconds. Yikes! You are slowly but surely figuring out how to get onto all fours and support yourself.
  • You LOVE showers! I’m beginning to question why we are remodeling your bathroom to install a tub.
  • You hate hats, adore the beach (eating the sand–bleh!), think popsicles are the bomb, and you dance whenever you hear music.


7:00 AM             Nurse

7:45 or 8 AM     Breakfast with Levi

9:00 AM            Nap (wake around 10 AM)

11:00 AM           Nurse

12:00 PM           Lunch with Levi

1:00 PM             Nap

3:00 PM            Nurse

4:00 PM           Something to keep him preoccupied and happy!

5:30/6:00 PM    Dinner with family

6:30 PM            Nurse

6:45/7:00 PM    Bed


We love you with all our hearts, Henry Owen!


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