Henry: Six Months Old


Half a year has gone by since we welcomed the sweetest little Henry baby into our family! I almost cannot believe it. Where have the months gone?! I really, really love this age. It’s the “not mobile, but starting to entertain himself” age. Plus, he’s laughing and all the fun things. A little more about Henry below:


At his last appointment on 12/09 (5.5 months old), Henry weighed 14 lb 11 oz–only a 3 ounce increase in one month and dropping him down to the 9th % for weight. His doctor was a bit concerned, since his growth curve was on the decline, so she suggested we start solids. I talked to her about baby led weaning (BLW) and she was on board with that, but she also wanted me to offer him purees as well to get his weight back on track. He was showing all signs of readiness for solids, so I knew we needed to just go for it! And goodness–this babe couldn’t get enough! You would think we starve him by how excited he is for his food and how much he eats!

Things he has eaten so far: oatmeal, apples, prunes, pears, carrots, butternut squash (all pureed), along with “real” chicken, bell peppers, CFA french fries, Christmas ham, steak and asparagus. Over the past two weeks, he has greatly improved with holding strips of food and bringing them to his mouth! His current favorite is bell peppers–I think because they feel cool on his gums.

Since starting solids, we are on a 4 hour schedule and Henry is still nursing before he eats his solid meals. 4-hour schedule is the bomb diggity! I can also now eat *some* dairy without affecting him and I wonder if that has to do with other types of food being in his belly. I still can’t overdo it, but I’m enjoying having a little more freedom in that area.


Ugh, sleep this month has been rough again. Not quite sure what it is! Naps are okay for the most part, but nighttime sleep has been ALL over the place. I’m not sure if it’s teeth or separation anxiety or his paci addiction, but he’s been waking anywhere from 1-3 times per night. Usually, just re-inserting his paci does the trick, but I’m SO sick of the unpredictability. What happened to my babe who slept at least a solid 10 hours every single night?! Just trying to remind myself that this will only last so long. Extreme nighttime anti-paci CIO may be in our near future though.

We did try room-sharing one time a week or two ago! Both boys went down so peacefully together at 7 PM. Brian and I were both kind of amazed. But come 10 PM, Henry woke with a shrill cry and it FREAKED Levi out. They could not recuperate (so much crying), so we split them up. We’ll try again when Henry gets back on track.


Henry’s first wake time is usually around 1.5 hours and all wake times thereafter are about 1.75-2 hours. He is usually still very cranky by the last 15 minutes or so!


We are just about through Wonder Week #5 (praise Jesus!). It was another month-long one, but we are starting to see the benefits of it. Henry will now:

  • Sit unassisted. He’s still a tad wobbly, but his stability is improving by the day!
  • Have more and more separation anxiety from mama. I don’t remember it being this bad with Levi. He’ll scream and scream if he sees me across the room and I don’t come pick him up/take him from whoever is holding him. It’s sweet, but really hard on me.
  • Blow raspberries! He loves to mimic us with this.
  • Slap his arms down when he is excited or mad.


7:00 AM     Nurse

7:45 or 8 AM     Breakfast with Levi

8:30 AM      Nap

11:00 AM     Nurse

12:45 PM      Nap

3:00 PM     Nurse

5:00 PM     Catnap

5:30 PM     Up from nap

6:00 PM     Dinner with family

7:00 PM     Nurse

7:30 PM     Bed



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