Levi: 3 Years Old!

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Would you look at this handsome baby?! Although, he’s not quite a baby anymore! This past week, we celebrated Levi Hudson’s 3rd birthday. I still can’t believe it when I say, “our three year old.” It is amazing how much he has grown and matured over this last year–even over these past few months. He is truly a little boy now, and that makes me a little sad, but a lot excited for what lies ahead! How do I even begin to cover these past 6 months with Levi (since my last update)? I’ll try:



Levi is still an incredible eater! He is willing to try just about everything and typically likes most things. He eats quite a lot for how skinny he is! His favorite foods are: mac & cheese, chicken nuggets, rice & beans, frozen peas (yes, he LOVES them frozen!), and yogurt. Oh, and donuts, because duh.

Update: at his 3 year well check on 12/09, Levi weighed in at 30 lbs even and 3′ 3″ tall!



Over the past 6 months, Levi did start needing a later nap time. Now, instead of going down at 12:30 PM, his nap starts at 1. We had a few weeks of him really fighting nap time, where he would stay awake and talk for 2 hours straight. I knew he was not yet ready for NO nap, since he could barely make it to 5 PM without melting into a puddle on the floor. So I decided to keep him up 30 minutes longer and see what would happen…and that did the trick! He now sleeps from 1-2:30/3 PM, depending on the day, and this mama is very happy with that! He also still goes to bed anywhere from 7-7:30 PM and sleeps 12 hours.


Since my last update, Levi has started climbing up small ladders on the playground. This is something that kids his age should already be doing for a while now, but we all know Levi does things in his own time when it comes to gross motor skills 😉 Once he gained the confidence and tried it the first time, he’s been up ladders ever since! His fine motor skills haven’t changed much over the past few months. He is still very particular and conscientious about coloring, sticker placement, etc. He actually has been doing a great job about coloring inside the lines lately!




This continues to be one of Levi’s strong suits! He is a fantastic communicator–very clear and articulate. Over the past 6 months, there is now no limit to his sentence length. He can literally now carry on a full conversation, which blows my mind! He is using 4 syllable words regularly, never missing an opportunity to say, “Oh, that’s interesting!” He picks up on the funniest expressions, of course when we don’t think he’s even listening. Scary!


Dare I say, these last few months haven’t been the toughest we’ve experienced, as far as disciplining Levi. Yes, he is still a 2/3 year old and yes, he has had some really bad days, but overall he has greatly improved with learning how to control his temper. Occasionally, he will act out and hit something when things don’t go his way, but no more full-blown temper tantrums. I think it has helped him immensely to learn how to say what he needs/wants/etc.

We are still working on his friendliness (or non-friendliness) towards those he doesn’t know. Often, if a kid gets in his space on the playground or if he feels anxious when meeting someone new, he will feel the need to “defend his territory” and will spit on them. We do not tolerate that at all! I’ve learned that a little pop on his cheek usually brings him back into check. It’s been difficult to help him work through these situations–usually I try to prepare him as much as possible (ie. “there will be other kids who want to slide too,” “we’re going to meet these new friends today”).


When we first moved to Miami (more about that later), Levi regressed just a little in his potty training. It was only a few days and only a few accidents, luckily, but I was really worried about the transition! Whenever he would get in trouble for having an accident, he would say, “I don’t want to potty training!” I think he heard his new pediatrician and I talking about his experience with it and decided to be a bit defiant. But thankfully it was short-lived!


Levi is doing really well with this recently! I started implementing a set IP time from 8:30-9:30 AM, after he eats breakfast and I clean up the kitchen. The key was to play some music on the iPad in his room–I think this helped to make it not feel like a punishment! So now, I put on some Disney music and he does pretty well with playing for the full hour. Usually, before it starts, I head into his room with him and point out some options of things for him to play with. This seems to help to give him some direction.



Still no set “chores,” but we’ve been having Levi clear his dish after each meal, throw things in the trash can, put his cup in the fridge, and clean his room. He also still LOVES to mow the yard with Brian! I tried helping him learn to dress himself, but he was getting really frustrated with this, so I figured we’ll give it a few more months. The next chore I would like for him to learn is how to make his bed!


Levi has recently grown to love anything and everything superheroes! Our neighbor friend’s kiddos have Avengers action figures, which Levi adores. So much so, that is what Brian and I got him for his birthday this year! As far as shows and movies, he enjoyed Super Why!, Justin Time, and Sid The Science Kid, as well as Rio, Toy Story, and Cars during this time period. Other gifts for his birthday included shoes from Grammy and Papi, a Spiderman action figure from Uncle Scott, a tee-ball set from GG and Pepa and Batman Lego Duplos from his Grandma and Grandpa.


Lastly, two of the most noteworthy things that happened to Levi during these last few months were becoming a big brother and moving to Miami! Levi has amazed us with his transition to the big brother role. We thought we were in for it, but he has taken so well to Henry and is truly crazy about him! It has been so fun to watch their relationship grow, just over these past 5 months, as Henry is learning to interact with Levi more. I think things may get a little challenging once Henry is on the move (a.k.a. into all of Levi’s things), but hopefully it won’t be too much of an adjustment on the big bro. Levi loves to talk to Henry and is truly such a helper with him–getting him his paci, blankie, rocking him in his car seat, etc. We are so blessed that it went as smoothly as it did!

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Also during this time, Levi became an official Miamian! The first few weeks in FL were rough on us all, as we were living in weird places and then getting unpacked, but Levi really took everything in stride and did his best. He handled the transition so well, considering everything he knew was changing! Now, he loves Miami! He loves living a few doors down from Jeremiah and Lauren and it goes without saying that he LOVES the beach. He would live there. We were so proud of our big boy!


Whew! That was a lot this time around! Lots of big changes for our Hudsey over the last few months. Happy 3rd birthday, our sweet boy! We love you with all of our hearts and can’t wait to celebrate many more years with you.

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