Henry: Five Months Old


Our baby is now five months old! We spent his five month “birthday” at his Grammy and Papi’s celebrating Thanksgiving. Here’s what Henry has been up to this past month:


At his last appointment (his 4 month well check, but technically he was 4.5 months old), Henry weighed 14 lbs 8 oz (20th%) and measured 25.75 inches long (60th%). His doctor was a bit concerned about his weight, since it has leveled out on his growth chart instead of continuing at a steady incline. She said that if he hasn’t shown steady growth at his 5 month well check (5.5 months old), that she wants us to consider starting solids at that time. This had me a bit worried, until I look at Levi’s measurements at the same age–14 lbs even and 25.75 inches long. Henry is literally only a half pound heavier! And we thought all along he has been so much bigger than Levi was! I think both of our boys are just long and lean, so I’m no longer nervous about his weight being in the lower percentiles. For the most part, unless his doctor is extremely alarmed at his 5 month well check, I plan to start baby led weaning with Henry around 6 months, when he shows signs of being ready.

We are officially on a 3/3.5 combo schedule! I’ll post that below. Henry has been doing awesome with extending most feeding cycles throughout the day. I’d love to push him to a full 3.5 or 4 hour schedule by next month (it just works so much nicer with solids), but we’ll see what he thinks of that.

He is an even faster nurser this month–like 8 minutes, tops–which is so nice! And he is also still very sensitive to dairy. Every once in a while, I can get away with a tiny amount of milk or butter baked into something, but I usually always have to give him gripe water the next day.


Henry struggled with the 4-month sleep regression and 4th wonder week during the beginning half of this month! It really threw off his naps most of all. While it was really frustrating, I tried not to create any bad habits and would keep going in to reinsert his paci as needed. He would almost always fall back to sleep, and if he didn’t he would at least stay in his play pen for the remainder of his nap time. At 5 months, he is now back to sleeping pretty solidly for naps. Every once in a while, he’ll need his paci during a sleep transition.

Nighttime sleep is going well! It’s been about 1.5 months since he has needed a feeding between 7 PM and 7 AM, but he does wake for his paci close to 5 AM every morning. Some nights he has been extending that to about 5:30 or 6 AM, so I’m hoping (*praying*) that just continuing to give him his paci (instead of feeding) will help him just continue to extend his sleep to 7 AM. He is still in his play pen off of our bedroom, since I’m nervous about his early morning wakings disturbing Levi. Lord knows I don’t need both of them up at 5 AM!


During leap #4, Henry’s wake time was as little as an hour. He was super cranky and clingy and just seemed to need that extra sleep. After the wonder week was over, he can definitely handle more. Mornings are still about 1 hour, but for all other wake times he can handle about 1.5 hours or more.


  • He rolls all over the floor to get his toys.
  • He can sit unassisted for about 1 minute at a time.
  • He has learned to jump in his Jumperoo.
  • All of the sudden, he is smitten with his daddy. He literally just gazes at Brian!
  • Henry is starting to “play” and interact more with Levi.
  • He is growing more and more interested in real food!
  • He has full arm control now, and can grab objects quickly and bring them to his mouth.
  • Henry has much more separation anxiety when he is away from mommy now.

I just knew his skills would explode after that wonder week!


7:00 AM     Nurse

8:15 AM      Nap

10:30 AM     Nurse

11:45 AM      Nap

2:00 PM     Nurse

3:30 PM     Nap

5:00 PM     Nurse

7:00 PM     Nurse, right to bed




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