Henry: Four Months Old


Happy 4 months of life to our sweet baby son! Here’s an update on this last month for Henry Owen:


Our big guy weighed in at 13 lb 13 oz at his “3 month appointment” on 10/07. (Obviously, we’re a few weeks off on his doctor’s visits.) Not much is new in this area. Sometimes he’ll extend to 3.5-4 hours between feedings, but he can’t stay awake long enough to actually start shifting his schedule in that direction just yet. I can’t wait for a 4 hour schedule–it will line up so much nicer with Levi’s schedule–but I don’t want to push it. Hopefully within the next month!

I’m still doing the no dairy thing and it helps him immeasurably. I’ve recently stopped giving his “nightly dose” of gripe water at bedtime, and he has done really well without out! I’m glad too, because that stuff isn’t cheap!


Dare I say, naps are going really smoothly right now! Just two days ago, I decided to stop swaddling him cold turkey. He is rolling both ways now and for a few days had figured out a way to get one arm out of his peanut swaddle, so I decided it was time. He has actually done really well with this! His naps haven’t been as solid the last two days, but as long as I go in, reposition his blankie by his face and give his paci again, he is usually right back to sleep for the duration of the nap. It’s not at the 45 minute mark either, so I’m wondering if he is just not sleeping as deeply right now without the swaddle. Overall, he’s still taking 1.5-2 hour naps. We’ll see how/if he is affected by the 4 month sleep regression…

Little guy really caught on to nighttime sleep within the last 2 weeks! The night that he turned 16 weeks old, I decided we were going to try CIO when he inevitably woke in the night. I just wanted to see how it would go and see if he was ready to go those 12 hours without a feeding (he had previously been sleeping from 7 PM-about 5 AM with no dreamfeed). He had started not wanting to eat at his 7 AM feeding (because he had eaten previously at 5 AM), so this was a good indication to me that he was ready for CIO. The first night, he cried for 40 minutes, with me going in to reinsert his paci every 15 minutes. The second night, he cried for 20, with no paci reinsertion. And the third night, he slept from 7-7! Since that night, he has slept 12 hours, with an occasional waking every couple of nights for his paci, but no feeding! Now to try to get him un-hooked from this paci. I’m so so proud of him!

Also, I no longer offer him a bottle at bedtime–I just nurse him like normal. He started waking up even sooner on nights that I gave him a bottle (I got a little inconsistent with it) and I think it’s because he was having tummy troubles from being overfull. After nursing, he would sometimes drink another 5 ounces from a bottle (probably just because it was there), and I think that messed his stomach up. Who knows! But either way, no more bottle at bedtime.


He might have regressed in this area a bit this month? Towards the end of the month, he really could not handle more than 1 hour of wake time. He was entering wonder week #4 (a.k.a. wonder “month”) at this time, so I think that had something to do with it. We’ll see what he can handle once this month is over!


Henry’s babbling and cooing have only increased this past month! One really fun thing has been to have him with us at the dinner table (he is usually waking up from his catnap as we are sitting down to eat). Most of the time (he does have his cranky days, though), he LOVES to sit with us and play with his toys and be talked to. I can’t believe in a few short months he’ll be eating with us too!

He has grown to like tummy time a bit more this month. I think it’s because he can roll back and forth now, giving him some more freedom. I usually set some toys in front of him and it keeps him occupied for 10 minutes or so. He has also figured out his Jumperoo a little more as well–so he’ll at least stand in that now unassisted (no jumping just yet).


7:00 AM     Nurse

8:00 AM     Nap

10:00 AM     Nurse

11:00 AM     Nap

1:00 PM     Nurse

2:00 PM     Nap

4:00 PM     Nurse

5:15 PM     Catnap

6:00 PM     Up from nap

6:45 PM     Nurse

7:00 PM     Bedtime

We love you Henry Bear!


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