Henry: Three Months Old


Today Henry Owen is three months old! He is just the sweetest little thing–we can’t get enough. A lot has changed this month with our little guy. Here’s a recap:


Henry is still a fast little eater and weighed in at 12 lb 1 oz at his 2-month appointment on 9/3. He has recently started extending some of his cycles to 3.5 hours–usually for one or two cycles of the day. His pediatrician did diagnose him with silent reflux–basically where he’ll try to spit up but then swallow it back down, causing lots of excess acid in his belly. She recommended I try refraining from dairy to see if that might help him. After 3-4 days, he was like a whole new baby! It was amazing! Considerably less crying when going down for naps or bedtime (laying down would wreak havoc on his belly), no more reflux, and he was just much more pleasant to be around. While no dairy is SO hard, I’ve found it is worth it to keep him feeling well!

On that note, this month I’ve found gripe water to be a lifesaver for this boy! After cutting out dairy, he only needs it right at bedtime for the most part. But occasionally he will need a dose during the day as well, to settle down for a nap.


Little guy really caught on to naps this month! I’m still swaddling him, which he seems to like, and have found that he does really well with a light A+A blanket near his face. We turn on the sound machine, sing a short song, and I’ll lay him down with his blanket and paci. He will usually fuss/cry for a couple of minutes (usually once the paci falls out), but for the most part he will go right to sleep as soon as I go in and re-insert his paci. He’ll just nuzzle his face in his blankie–so sweet! For the most part, he’ll sleep 1.5-2 hours without issue.

Nighttime sleep is going really well too. We are still no longer doing the dreamfeed and we are still doing a bottle at bedtime! I hate to pump at 7 PM and then again at 10 PM (I still pump the dreamfeed), so I usually have him nurse at bedtime and then supplement it with whatever he’ll take from the bottle. Most of the time, he’ll at least drink 3 more ounces from the bottle! He had been sleeping 7 PM-3 AM pretty consistently for most of the month, but just last week started extending that. He’ll now sleep from 7 PM to 4 or 5 AM! So we’re getting there! This happened right after wonder week #3, so I’m pretty sure it was all related. It kind of stinks that we’re still waking once in the middle of the night at this point (whereas if he did well with the DF, he’d probably sleep through til 7 AM), but I am really proud of him for sleeping 9-10 hours consistently! And we won’t have to drop the dreamfeed later on, so that’s a nice perk!


Henry’s able to stay awake for right at 1 hour per cycle now! Sometimes I feel like he could do 1 hr and 15 minutes, but usually his naps are thrown off if I stretch him to that at this point. His first waketime of the day is still a bit of a mystery to me though. That is really his happiest time of day, so his sleep cues are hard to read. From what I can tell, he is still doing better with around 50 minutes of awake time for this first cycle.


Our big boy is babbling a whole lot these days! It’s so fun to hear him talking to himself across the room while I’m doing something else. Henry has also learned the art of blowing spit bubbles and drooling this month! Levi never drooled much, so this is new to me. He also discovered his hands and LOVES to intertwine his fingers or pull on his shirts. By the end of the day, his onesies are so stretched out and falling off his shoulders because he pulls at them so much. It’s kind of hilarious!

As I mentioned earlier, he has grown to love his blankies. He loves them nestled right up against his face, while he holds onto them. This is so similar to Levi at the same age! Looks like we might have another blankie baby on our hands!

We took a few trips this month–one to Orlando/my parents house and another quick trip to Deerfield Beach. Henry really did wonderfully on both of them! He napped pretty well considering the new environments and stayed consistent in his nighttime sleep. Couldn’t ask for much more than that!


Here’s a rough schedule of what our days look like right now:

7:00 AM     Nurse

7:45 AM     Nap

10:00 AM    Nurse

11:00 AM    Nap

1:00 PM    Nurse

2:00 PM    Nap

4:00 PM    Nurse

5:15 PM    Catnap

6:00 PM    Up from catnap and I try to hold off on feeding him

6:30 PM    Nurse, then bottle

7:00 PM    Bedtime

4 or 5 AM   MOTN feeding

We love our Henry baby so much! He has been such a light in our lives during what has been a pretty chaotic month.


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