Henry: Two Months Old


Our sweet Henry boy is two months old today! And we continue to grow more in love with him with each week that passes. Here’s an update on his second month of life:


Hard to believe, but Henry is now an even faster nurser than last month! Most of the time, he is done within 15 minutes, which is incredible to me. He seems super satisfied when finished and will make it 3 hours until his next feeding, so I know that’s all he needs. Whenever I pump, I’m able to get 4-5 ounces, so I imagine he is getting that much at each feeding as well. We are still doing gas drops with each feeding and that seems to help him considerably. He rarely spits up, but I’ve noticed sometimes he has “wet burps” where he swallows back down what would have been spit up. He is also usually very gassy and uncomfortable in the evening (around 7-8 PM), despite having been burped well all day long, so I’m wondering if he may have some slight silent reflux. I plan to ask his doctor about this at his 2 month check up next week!


Henry is doing fairly well for naps. He still protests for 5-15 minutes before each nap–and I’ve found that going in to reinsert his paci usually amps him up even more–but once he is asleep, he’ll take solid 2 hour naps. I am still swaddling him since he still has a good little startle reflex.

Nighttime has gotten better! I decided to drop the dreamfeed altogether. It just seemed to disrupt his sleep more than helping. I was kind of bummed to do that, because I was hoping his longest stretch of sleep would be when I was sleeping, but he’ll get there. Now, he is in bed around 7 PM each night and on a good night, he’ll wake once between 1:30-3:30. After that feeding, he will usually sleep until 7 AM. I would say this is happening around 70% of the time right now. I have also started to pump what would be the dreamfeed and give that milk to him the following day in a bottle at bedtime. That ensures he gets a good, full feed in him to try to sleep as far into the night as possible.


We are starting to figure these out a bit more. His first wake time of the day is close to 45 minutes and all other thereafter are about an hour. He has become much more alert this month, so he definitely needs that extra wake time to explore and watch his surroundings. If we are heading somewhere after a feeding, we have to make sure to get in the car right around his wake time (and not after), or else Henry will scream the entire trip. He is very sensitive to being overstimulated at this point!


Henry now smiles and coos! It’s so wonderful and adorable. Any time he sees Levi, he just lights up and gives him a big smile. They are sweet brothers! He has also started to track things and will follow us with his eyes around the room.

We moved to Miami this month and we were amazed with how well Henry took the drive down! He was exactly 7 weeks old when we arrived and he barely cried the entire 18 hour drive. The few days we were traveling, we had him in bed with us at night because it was easier than setting the play pen up and trying to get him to sleep in an odd place (did I mention how exhausted I was?!), so it did take several days to get him back on track once we arrived. He was used to all the snuggles at that point!


7:00 AM     Nurse

7:45 AM     Nap

10:00 AM     Nurse

11:00 AM     Nap

1:00 PM     Nurse

2:00 PM     Nap

4:00 PM     Nurse

5:00 PM     Nap

6:15 PM     He is usually up from his nap at this point and I try to hold him off to feed

6:30-7:00 PM     Bottle feed and right down to bed

1:30-3:30 AM     MOTN feed somewhere in this span


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