Henry: One Month Old


It’s hard to believe that one month ago our second son was born! In some ways, it seems like he’s been with us forever (especially on the rough nights). We just love him so much, and while the newborn stage still isn’t our favorite, Henry has helped us to savor it just a bit more this time around! Life is a bit chaotic right now–not only do we have a new baby, but we’re moving–so it’s doubtful I’ll be able to keep up with weekly updates like I did with Levi. But, I think monthly updates will be just fine and will still be helpful to look back on for possible future babies (the main reason why I do this!).


Henry has been a fantastic and efficient nurser from the beginning! And his nice round belly is proof to show for it! He has hardly ever had trouble making it three hours until his next feeding (with the exception of growth spurts around 10 days and 3 weeks) and his more recent cluster feeding in the evenings. Weeks 1-2, I literally had to wake him for almost every feeding and weeks 3-4, I’d say I still wake him to eat about 50% of the time. I don’t remember that with Levi–he was always up right at feeding time, if not before. Most of the time, Henry eats in about 20 minutes (also a change from his 45 minute brother)!

I definitely feel more confident in nursing this time around! I haven’t been worried about my supply at all (which is SUCH a nice feeling) and I also trust Henry to tell me when he is full (instead of force-feeding him to fill a certain amount of time). I have noticed he spits up much less than Levi ever did. I have started giving him gas drops at each feeding, since he usually has trouble burping.


Sleep? What’s that? Just kidding–kind of! This month has been a bit rough in this department–I forgot what it was like to be up around the clock. Henry has actually done quite well during the day. Week 2 he began fighting his swaddle, to the point where he was having trouble settling down to sleep. I tried not swaddling him, but his flailing arms made things even worse! I didn’t want to get into the habit of rocking him, plus he would wake almost immediately if I rocked him to sleep and tried putting him down. So, I decided that he unfortunately needed to just deal with the swaddle and cry a bit. That week I began letting him cry it out for naps–which was hard for me since he was still so little, but necessary. Since then, there have only been a handful of times where he has cried more than 15 minutes, and usually I will go get him and lay down with him or put him in the Ergo at that point. He seems to just need that crying time of 5-15 minutes, and then he’ll sleep 1.5-2 hours!

Nighttime sleep hasn’t been too terrible either! His first two weeks, Henry was up at 1 AM and 4 AM (almost to the minute) every night. When he was three weeks old, he began extending to 4 hr stretches, and now at 4 weeks old, he usually sleeps one 5 hr stretch each night. I’m very proud of his progress! The thing that has been hard in the middle of the night is getting him back to sleep. Some nights he will be crying on and off for a full hour after his feeding, for no apparent reason.


I’m still not 100% certain on Henry’s waketimes–he’s hard to read! His morning waketime is definitely the shortest–maybe 35-40 minutes. For the others, I’ve been putting him down right at the 45 minute mark. Sometimes he’ll fall asleep quickly and sometimes he’ll cry for 15 minutes.


I began implementing this schedule with Henry when he was two days old. That may seem a little extreme to some, but I knew that I wanted to have a little structure once we got back home to Levi. He took to it so well–I was kind of amazed. We began with a 3-hr schedule around the clock and this is what it has evolved to (he is tending to want to cluster feed in the evenings now):

7:00 am     Nurse

7:40 am     Nap

10:00 am    Nurse

10:45 am    Nap

1:00 pm     Nurse

1:45 pm     Nap

4:00 pm     Nurse

4:45 pm     Nap

6:00 pm     Nurse

6:45 pm     Nap

8:00 pm     Nurse and right back to bed

10:00 pm    Dreamfeed

2:30 am     MOTN feed (give or take 30 min)


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