Mathews, Party of 4!

I haven’t done much writing about the newest little development in our family–my pregnancy with babyMat.

[Sidenote: I kind of have trouble giving him a number, since there was a baby in between Levi and this new guy. Third pregnancy, second viable baby. Is he number 2 or number 3? That’s why I just stick with plain ‘ole babyMat. Just like his big bro and the tiny baby before him.]

But man, this pregnancy has flown by! I’ve always heard that with subsequent pregnancies, and it’s so true. Chasing around a rambunctious toddler all day makes the weeks and months all blend together! On the other hand, I have savored a lot of the sweet moments that come with pregnancy because I’m just so thankful he’s alive and well. It’s an odd balance.

We found out back in late October that we were pregnant again. I was just feeling kind of funky and decided to take a test, not really expecting much. Well, the faintest of faint lines showed up! I ran downstairs to show Brian and he was hesitant–seriously, I had to put the test in just the right light to see it. So we waited another few days and sure enough! We had the weirdest emotions of being overjoyed, mixed with a lot of reservation. We just didn’t want to get our hopes up to high, with what happened last time.

But I called my doctor, made an appointment (I was grateful they could get me in right at 7 weeks) and lo and behold, we saw a baby on the screen. With a beating heart. And tiny little nubs for arms and legs. Even though we still had several more “risky” weeks to get through, we were rejoicing for this life!



The weeks that followed were tough, filled with complete exhaustion and constant nausea, but the babe lived! I remember my sickness with Levi being more intense, so I was thankful this time around (with a two-year-old in tow) was a bit more mild. I couldn’t believe it when I started feeling the baby move at 10 weeks. Brian thought I was crazy (and I was a bit convinced as well), but sure enough I could feel little flips and flutters. It was so reassuring for my worried heart. When I was 14 weeks along in early January, thanks to some amazing new technology, we were able to find out that we were expecting another BOY! We couldn’t have been more excited..two brothers would be so fun.




Weeks 16 through 20 were ROUGH! My nausea had finally subsided, but now I was dealing with a whole new slew of symptoms that I hadn’t experienced with Levi. I literally felt as if the baby was going to fall out of me–and at 16 weeks, that is not a very comforting feeling. I couldn’t stand for more than 15 minutes at a time. Many nights Brian would come into the kitchen when I was cooking dinner and find me doubled over, holding on to the counter, trying to subdue the pressure. My doctor was a bit concerned and scheduled an ultrasound right away, only to discover that I had placenta previa. [Instead of the placenta being above or beside the baby, it was instead under the baby and right on top of my cervix, which is why I felt so much pain and pressure.] My doctor scheduled subsequent ultrasounds for every other week to keep an eye on any movement as my uterus continued to grow–otherwise, if the placenta didn’t move by 24 weeks, she was going to put me on bed rest. Thankfully, at my 24 week ultrasound, she was able to confirm it had moved completely away from my cervix and more alongside the baby! And at that point, the pelvic pressure I had was almost completely gone. It was a great day!

My doctor also recommended me getting progesterone shots once a week with this pregnancy to help diminish the chances of an early delivery (like Levi). Beginning at week 16, the first few shots were fine–my hip would hurt for a few days afterwards, but no super weird side effects or anything. My fourth shot was different, in that the serum that was injected stayed in one spot on my hip (almost like a big welt) and started getting really itchy. That itchiness soon spread to my belly and all the way up my chest and back until I was covered in hives. It was absolutely the worst thing I have ever experienced. Nothing would relieve the itch–I couldn’t even sleep because of the intensity of the rash, making it all the more miserable. My doctor soon diagnosed me with PUPPPS, which is a random and uncommon pregnancy rash. The progesterone shot itself didn’t cause the PUPPPS, but the irritation of my skin due to the shot made it flair up. She explained I would have gotten it regardless–shot or no shot–and I’ll have it until the baby was born. Praise the Lord, I researched some remedies and was able to find a soap that helps to maintain the rash. I bought that stuff right away and now, not only is the rash not visible on my skin, but my itch is almost completely gone!

So that was month number 4 of this pregnancy. It was TERRIBLE and I remember thinking to myself jokingly, “This dude better be worth it!” But of course, he so will be. I just never want to relive that month again.

11057381_10152665144670009_6780187693418091181_n 11036981_10152648021480009_6914660511614638519_n

I’m 25 weeks along now and truly experiencing the greatness of the second trimester! No nausea, no pelvic pressure, no crazy rash flair ups, and my hunger is somewhat under control. I feel like I have a decent amount of energy and this little one is wonderfully active! I can tell he has had a growth spurt this past month, because his kicks and flips have gotten exponentially stronger. Brian loves to feel him moving at night before bed! This past week, we have even started seeing him move from the outside (something that really freaks Brian out). It’s a good time in this growing-a-babe process!

We have finally decided on a name and can’t wait to announce it on the day he is born. It took us a while–which I was expecting–but we are happy with it! We are beginning to gather some things we need for him (which isn’t a ton since he can use a lot of big bro’s stuff) and are anticipating his arrival in just 3 short months, give or take a few weeks. I can’t believe how much he resembles Levi in the photo above (taken at 23 weeks)! Can’t wait to see if that’s true of him when he is here in real life.

We love you already, babyMat!


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