Levi: 26.5 Months


I haven’t written a post on Levi in a couple of months! I intended to stop his monthly updates once he turned two, and I plan to stick with that, but he has changed so much over the last 2.5 months that I wanted to make sure I wrote these things down.


Levi seems to have passed the picky stage he was in before his 2nd birthday. He was never super picky, but he absolutely refused sandwiches and was getting skeptical about some veggies. He now LOVES sandwiches–lunch meat sandwiches, that is. He still hates PB&J, which is pretty hilarious to me! He also is back to at least trying all veggies. One night I made pasta with spinach in it, and he just wanted to pick all the spinach out to eat it instead of the pasta. I was seriously impressed! He also has grown to love beans even more over the last few months! Levi loves chick peas, lima beans, black beans, and more. He continues to eat pretty much anything we eat (with the exception of salads), which I am very grateful for! Last week, we also began giving Levi an open-top plastic cup for him to drink from. He is super careful and doing very well with it.


Over the last couple of weeks, Levi’s sleep has been a bit more unpredictable than normal. We had a week where he put the “terrible” in “terrible twos” and his sleep that week was especially bad. He would wake up early each morning and then only nap for an hour each day. I’m pretty sure it was a Wonder Week for him, because the following week he showed so many new mental leaps. The past week, we shifted his bedtime to 7:30 (instead of 7) and it has made a world of a difference. He now will sleep until his normal 8 AM and he has been taking consistent 2.5 hour naps each day. I’m praying this sticks!



Levi has made great improvement in this area! He now runs often and is confident to attempt staircases while he is upright (though he still does need the support of a rail or my hand for this). He is still nervous about enclosed slides and “tube-like” playgrounds, but he has no fear when it comes to open slides! He also has grown to LOVE wrestling with his daddy during this time frame.


After going through a Wonder Week a few weeks back, Levi’s communication skills are incredible! All of the sudden, he began speaking in 3 word sentences consistently and using words and phrases in proper context. One day, I was in his way when he was walking somewhere and he just said, “excuse me, mommy!” I was so caught off guard! Levi will also say, “sorry” without being prompted. It’s really sweet.

One thing he is doing really well with is following 2-step directions. His former physical therapist said that should be coming around his age. I can say something like, “Go put your milk cup in the fridge and then put your blankie in your crib” and he understands and will usually comply. This has been fun to watch and also very helpful, as pregnancy and sickness have had me on the couch several days these past months.


Like any two year old, Levi is still learning how to control and communicate with his emotions. I have found it is helpful to explain to him what he is feeling and why (ie. “I can tell you are frustrated because you can’t have that cake.”) It not only calms him down because I am empathizing with him, but it also helps him to put words with his emotions when they flare up so he learns how to communicate that to us.

We have been implementing time-outs over the past two months and those really help him as well. If he does something he knows he isn’t supposed to or after I tell him to stop, he goes to time-out in his crib for 2 minutes. He usually cries or whines during the two minutes, but when I go in to get him we have a talk about the “offense” that put him in time out. He hates to look me in the eyes during these “talks” (likely because he is ashamed), so he has started laying his head on my shoulder and will respond when I ask him questions about what he did. I want to work with him on the eye contact, but I am happy he will at least respond and is learning about apologies and forgiveness.



I plan to try potty training once Spring is here. It is just way too cold in our house for Levi to be without pants for several days!

After about 2 months of buying disposable diapers for nighttime, I finally found a solution for cloth diapering at night! I’m not against disposables by any means, I was just so sick of buying them after a year and a half of minimal diapering expenses. I read a lot of reviews on Flip Organic Overnight Inserts and decided to give those a shot–praying they would work at $12.50 per insert! And they do! I just use the Flip covers we currently have and add an extra small hemp insert for “back-up”. We’ve been going strong for a week now, with only one leak (and that was after he had been wearing it for 14 hours overnight). I’m very pleased with them!


Yea, this is pretty much non-existent unless I stay in Levi’s room with him. And I’m okay with that! I’ve really been trying to keep “screen time” to just sometime in the morning or just sometime in the afternoon, so I’ve been working in Levi’s room some mornings to encourage him to play with his toys. And he does! He’ll play for two hours in his room as long as I’m present with him (I don’t even have to pay attention to him). That’s pretty good in my book! Unfortunately, I can’t really use this time to work in the living room or get some chores done, but Levi is super content to help me with chores anyway (he even gets excited about it), so it’s not that big of a deal.


Over the last two months, Levi has learned how to count to ten in English and (almost) Spanish! He also knows a couple of letters and colors. It has been fun to work with him on these things and see progress week after week!


Levi celebrated his third Christmas this year and it was super fun! He really enjoyed opening his presents–his favorite was the basketball from his Uncle Scott–and having our attention all day long.


By far our biggest “event” during this time frame was our annual trip to Florida! We’ve made a trip to Florida the past three years in January and we always look forward to the time away from the snow and together as a family. This year, we made a state-wide trip, beginning in Miami, heading to Disney World after, and finishing up at my parents house in Crystal River. Levi loved the beach again this year, even though it was a bit windy and chilly! DSC_8735 DSC_8719 DSC_8690Levi wasn’t too fond of the characters at Disney World…and he had an aversion to my camera the entire trip! He would scream any time I would take it out! Overall, he LOVED Disney though and kept talking about it for weeks after we arrived home.

DSC_8811 DSC_8929

Spending time with his Grammy and Papi in Crystal River…along with a few manatee sightings!

DSC_9046 DSC_9018 DSC_8978

We love this little guy so much and can’t wait to see what this next year holds as he continues to grow and develop! He is more fun with each week that passes.


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