A Curious George Birthday!

It’s been nearly two months now, but better late than never! For Levi’s 2nd birthday party, we hosted a Curious George palooza and invited some of his closest Louisville friends. It was so fun to plan for him, especially because we went really low-key with his birthday party last year. I kept the decor pretty inexpensive: crepe paper streamers, books we borrowed from the library (holla!), and some Curious George themed items we already owned. I decorated on Friday night and when Levi walked out of his room on Saturday into our dining area, he stopped dead in his tracks and said, “Ohhh, Georgy!!” That alone made all the effort worth it!DSC_8221DSC_8227DSC_8233 DSC_8235

The kids played “Pin the Banana on George” and loved it! They ranged from 1-2 years old, so we didn’t even worry about a blindfold, but we did spin them around. The spinning was probably the most loved part of the game! Then, they had to walk to George and put the bananas (that I cut from construction paper) in his hands. Huge hit! Next time, I would probably just get the graphic printed in a large format at Kinko’s–as you can tell my attempt at enlarging it did not turn out perfect, and even that took about 5 tries at printing. Luckily, the kids didn’t care!

I also printed out some George coloring sheets ahead of time as another activity for the kiddos, but once they had arrived realized that may be a little to advanced for some of them (Levi only just started coloring recently and he was the oldest of the bunch).


The cake and favor table was one of my favorite spots! I was excited when we decided on a Curious George theme because I recently painted this buffet table bright yellow. It fit in perfectly! One of the favorite desserts in our family is Red Velvet Cake–so how could I not make that for our red and yellow themed party?! For the favors, I made banana bread muffins and then included a pouch of Curious George fruit snacks in each. I also made all the graphic elements for the party, including the invitations, the food place cards, and the favor bag tags. That was fun for me and saved us some money, while still keeping with the theme!

DSC_8239 DSC_8241 DSC_8248 DSC_8249

It was a little odd to be having a BBQ-type dinner in early December, but Brian really wanted to have “Hundley’s Hot Dog” bar to go with the theme (and he really doesn’t care a bit about party planning, so if he had an opinion on this, we were doing it!). He grilled our hotdogs outside in 30-something degree weather–anything for his Levi! Inside, we included a bunch of different toppings for guests to add, as well as some other side dishes.

DSC_8254 DSC_8255 DSC_8256 DSC_8257 DSC_8258

The birthday boy kept saying “Mmm, mmm, mmm, yummmy!” while eating his dinner. I was flattered! My favorite part of the evening was singing Happy Birthday to Levi. Between us all singing to him, the fire from the candles, and Curious George on his cake, he was beaming! It was so sweet. He didn’t feel the same way when we took the cake away to cut it…

DSC_8265 DSC_8269 DSC_8277 DSC_8270

Present time was fun this year, since we asked guests not to bring gifts for his 1st birthday party! He loved everything he received and we felt so blessed to have such thoughtful friends. Brian and I gave him a Curious George Treasury book, which includes 8 different stories in both English and Spanish. In the moment, he really liked the stretchy lizard he received from a friend a bit more, but now he enjoys the book!

DSC_8280 DSC_8283

We love this little guy and are so grateful for his life! It was so fun to plan this Curious George party for him–he had a blast.



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