Levi: 23 Months

2014-10-12 03.23.41

The countdown is on! We are 1 month away from Levi’s 2nd birthday! So exciting and so emotional at the same time. Levi will be having a “Georgy” (Curious George) party and I am having a blast planning that for him. Here is an update on this past month in the life of Levi:


Nothing very noteworthy here! Some days he will eat TONS and others barely anything, which is pretty normal for his age. He still drinks 4 sippy cups of milk per day, with sometimes water in between. His favorites include pasta (especially mac n’ cheese), broccoli, all types of beans, hotdogs, and chicken. He still continues to avoid any leafy greens like the plague and he is the only toddler I have ever met who hates PB&J.


Same as last month! Levi will sleep from 7 PM to 8 AM (we’ll see if that changes with the upcoming daylight savings time), with one 1.5-2 hour nap each afternoon.


Levi’s favorite “toys” continue to be books and balls and a new item this month: a Mr. Potato head! He also received his first action figure this month–a ninja turtle from his Grammy and Papi–which he loves, but hasn’t quite figured out how to play with. He pretty much just loves to hold and look at it!


He still enjoys coloring very much, but will not sit for as long of periods of time anymore to color. The novelty has worn off, I think! We have asked for lots of arts and craft supplies for Levi for Christmas, since he loves to be creative like that. Looking forward to more crafty projects in our future!

Levi still loves watching different shows–his favorites including Curious George, Cars: Mater’s Tall Tales, Leap Frog Phonics Farm, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. He also started sitting through entire movies this month, which has been really fun! Netflix has a pretty good collection of classic children’s movies and so far, Levi loves Tarzan and The Fox and the Hound (he’s an animal lover!).


Our big guy is full on running now and climbing up a storm! He has not attempted our spiral staircase again without our permission (praise Jesus!), but he does crawl up it extremely well when we allow him. We are still working on walking up normal stairs (upright, holding onto railing) and he has tried and succeeded with that several times. Also, every time we are in our backyard, he asks to walk! He has no fear anymore. Looks like we will have two more therapy sessions in the month of November and he will graduate from the “First Steps” program! His skills have grown tremendously in just 3 months.



Levi has just cracked us up this month! He has learned how to be funny and make us laugh. We just love it! He already has a dry sense of humor–just like his daddy.

He also has learned his full name and will (sometimes) say it when asked! He pronounces his middle name Hudsey, so that has become an endearing little nickname for him.

His vocabulary continues to explode! And he has a few 3-word sentences under his belt now: I love you, I miss you, close the door, and shake your booty! Hah!


I’ve put this off, but hope to finally set the dates and give it a try in the next month or so!


This month, I really made an effort to spend some dedicated time with Levi in his room most mornings. I don’t play with him, but we usually read alongside each other (he reads his books, I read mine). That has been going well–he really enjoys that quiet time together. I hope to just get him used to playing in his room more and then eventually I’ll start phasing myself out of that time! My goal is for him to spend 45-60 minutes in his room playing each morning (this may take several months to get to this point), while I do some chores or get to work. Right now, the only time I can work while he is awake is by putting him in front of the TV–and I don’t necessarily love that.


We’ve had a packed, but fun month! Levi really enjoyed a visit from the Crowders earlier in October–he decided to name them the “Alligators” while they were here (from all their UF gear) and continued to search around the house and ask, “Alligators? Alligators?” for a few weeks after they left. It was adorable! He and Norah got to have their first Huber’s Farm experience together, which was really fun for all of us.They LOVED picking (eating) the apples!

10660241_10152356071950009_4469982441958058404_n 10580003_10152347544015009_1711432074389555041_n 10603431_10152348306955009_2048888070319733052_n 2014-10-12 04.28.55

We have been loving some cool fall weather, so a walk on the Big Four Bridge was definitely in order!


We also enjoyed a few trips to Cherokee Park, LifeWay and the zoo throughout the month.

10505360_10152385856500009_6438293630221058299_n 1503829_10152386747230009_1033835423480384424_n

Next up, Levi’s two year update! Ahhh!


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