Levi: 22 Months


Oops, a little late this month! Levi turned 22 months old on October 1st. He is in such a fun stage, exploring and soaking everything up like a sponge. While this month had it’s challenges, it’s mostly been really wonderful seeing Levi mature into a two-year-old. An update for ya:


After I wrote his 21 month post, I decided to take Levi to his pediatrician to see what was going on with him. He did have a bad stomach bug (that Brian and I also got the following week) and was put on a strict bland, no dairy, no sugar diet. Remember last month how I said he wouldn’t eat any solids but he was wanting a ton more milk than normal? Yea, that was actually prolonging his stomach bug even more. What would’ve been a 3-4 day virus lasted almost 1.5 weeks because I was allowing him to drink so much milk. Mom of the year award!

After he recuperated, he gradually started eating more and more food, and now his typical appetite is back.


Nothing new in this area! Levi is still doing great with one afternoon nap and bedtime at 7 PM. Because we are out late on Tuesday nights for community group, he usually will take a morning nap and a late afternoon nap on Wednesdays.


I’m finally getting into my new work routine, now that Levi just takes one nap, and I’m so grateful. I need my routine! This isn’t set in stone, but we usually will go out every other morning and stay in on the alternate mornings so that I can work. Levi usually watches a few shows on the mornings that I work and then we will do something fun in the afternoon.

This month we visited the zoo (as always!), the library, the pet store, playgrounds at various parks and the science center. The weather started to get cooler, so we were enjoying lots of time outside. Levi really loved our first trip to the pet store and the science center this month! His favorite animals at the pet store were the fish–he loved walking to all the different tanks and peeking inside. We definitely want to take him to an aquarium soon because of that! The science center was awesome as well. We went on a free play day with our buddies Cherish and Seth. The boys had so much fun exploring!

Lastly, we discovered this month how much Levi enjoys coloring! We flew to Florida at the end of the month, and I randomly brought some crayons and a small coloring book with us to keep him occupied on the plane. He hadn’t really colored before, so I thought it was a long shot–but he LOVED IT! I couldn’t believe how entertained he was for at least an hour. Since, he has colored some during his physical therapy sessions, and his therapist told us that she has never seen a child his age have such a good grip and spatial awareness of a writing utensil. Maybe he is going to be an artist? Either way, it’s been really fun to enjoy this new “arts and crafts” stage with him.

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Levi is doing great in this area! His physical therapy sessions are down to every other week and he has made great improvements. He is walking like a champ and even handling rough terrain without much trouble. We can tell he is trying to run at times and his climbing has really taken off as well! This month, it was as if something just clicked with Levi. He suddenly realized he can be more independent and could “experiment” with different skills in a safe environment (he will walk through our backyard which has uneven bricks and grass, he will tackle a few steps while holding onto railing, etc.). He never even tried to do those things before because he wasn’t sure that he could–so we are super proud of him!

Levi did learn to climb our spiral staircase this month! The first time, he did it while I wasn’t in the room, so I was so freaked out when I discovered him upstairs. But now, he seems to understand that he is not allowed on the staircase without Brian or I and he is very obedient to follow that rule. Because it is such a non-standard staircase, we haven’t been able to find any type of gate or screen that will work for the bottom (that doesn’t cost $100). I’ve thought about making a fabric barrier for it, but because he hasn’t tried to climb it again without permission, I’m holding off on that for now.



This is pretty much the same as last month–Levi is working on 3-4 syllable words and some 3 word sentences. He loves when we give him really tough words to try to repeat. Recently, I had him repeat 2 Timothy 3:16 to me (word by word) and he did pretty well with some of the harder words in the verse! It’s hilarious to hear how he tries to say some things.

His “acting out” has calmed down a bit this month (knock on wood!), but he still has a fiery little temper that will always be a part of his personality. I just pray he learns how to tame that thing!


We still have not started potty training! Each week, it seems like a different obstacle keeps us from setting aside the days. I do plan to give it a go sometime this next month.


I wanted to add this section here because it is something we are working on. Levi has always done well playing by himself, something I tried to implement since he was a tiny baby. However, recently, I’ve begun to notice he doesn’t like to be left alone while playing anymore. He will still play solo, but he wants Brian or I to stay in the same room as him. If we leave the room, he’ll pick up whatever he is playing with and bring it to whatever room we are in to resume. It’s not a huge deal–he’s really happy–but I would love for him to get more accustomed to playing in his own room by himself for a certain length of time. I really think that would help him gain some independence and problem solving skills! So, almost every day for the past week, I’ve been bringing him in his room in the morning, playing with him for a few minutes, and then saying, “Okay, mommy is going to go ___. You stay in your room and ___.” And he hates it. He will cry and cry and cry when I’m gone…but he will not go past the threshold of his door. It’s crazy how obedient he is, even when he doesn’t want to be.

So I really want to work with him on this. Right now, my goal is to get him up to 15 minutes of independent “roomtime” per day by the end of the month. Eventually, I’d love if he could play for an hour. We’ll see how it goes!


Our big event this month was our trip to FL! Levi and I went by ourselves and visited my parents for a long weekend. It was so much fun, and much needed! I loved watching Levi interact with them and really get to know them more. Since we’ve gotten back, I really think he remembers who they are now (as opposed to previous trips) and he will randomly mention Grammy, Papi or doggies throughout the day. We can’t wait until December when Brian’s parents will be in Louisville to visit us!

DSC_6986 DSC_7163 DSC_7040

Until next month! His last month as a one-year-old 😦


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