Levi: 21 Months


This month…oh boy. There were some really exciting parts to it, but it was mostly extremely challenging. I keep telling myself, “It’s just a phase, it’s just a phase” and praying that it truly is. Here’s this month in a nutshell:


I’m not sure how Levi survived this month with how little he ate! I can’t tell if his teeth are bothering him, if he has a bit of a stomach bug, or if he all of the sudden began hating things he has always loved, but that guy would push away almost every meal we gave him. All he wanted was milk–and much more than normal! It was frustrating for me to make him his meals, only for them to go to waste (or into the fridge to “try again the next day”).

DSC_6704 DSC_6732


Levi is officially down to one nap and doing well with it! He’ll wake up between 7:30 and 8 AM, go down for his nap between noon and 12:30, and sleep until about 2:30 or 3. Some days have been better than others this month, as far as how long he will nap, but I am happy to see he can at least make it through the morning hours now without much trouble. It definitely took a good two weeks for him to adjust to that. He is back to going to bed at 7 PM now, without staying up in his crib talking and playing. Yay!


With our new one-nap schedule, we have had a lot of fun making the most of our morning hours now (usually, we would leave all of our “field trips” to the afternoon hours after his second nap). I find myself searching for different things to do around town to fill our morning time, because 5 hours straight of awake time can wear on us some days!

This month, we have enjoyed going to the zoo, splash parks throughout the city, the library, and baking random things. Levi has also been watching some more shows than usual, so that I can get some chores done some weekday mornings. He has grown to love Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Daniel Tiger, The Jungle Book, and Leap Frog. We try to limit his TV watching to either a few shows in the morning or a few in the afternoon.


Our big guy is FINALLY walking! And it’s so fun! He started a few days after his first physical therapy session and he hasn’t looked back since. He is so proud of himself and it is written all over his face when he walks around. Now, we can tell he is trying to figure out how to run, climb, and kick–all of which he practices during his therapy each week. He’ll have one more month of therapy to help him master those skills and then we’re done! We’re so proud of him–he really has come a long way.

DSC_6521 DSC_6384


Levi is now working on some 3-4 syllable words, as well as 3 word sentences. He is a little parrot, repeating after us all the time! We get comments all the time about how articulate he is.

He has also learned to express himself through screaming, hitting, throwing, and biting this month. So that’s been real fun. We are trying to stay consistent and spank him or give him time-outs when necessary. But it’s been exhausting, I won’t lie! I pray he learns to control these new-found emotions of his, because I really miss that sweet boy from last month! 😉



His last canine ruptured through his gum this month! It’s crazy that he almost has a full set of baby teeth now. A part of me wonders if his 2-year molars might be working their way through soon. He has all of his normal teething symptoms: low appetite, runny nose, diaper rash, runny poops, cranky/clingy, and extra sensitive. I’ve tried to get my finger in the back of his mouth to feel his gums, but he hates that! So we’ll see. Total tooth count: 16.


A few weeks back, Levi started letting us know when he was pooping and he became much more interested in the potty, so we began thinking about potty training. I can’t believe he is already old enough for that! We have bought him a potty seat, Mickey Mouse undies (his choice!), and some fun prizes/things to keep us occupied during our training days. I decided to try a 3-day intensive method and see if that works for him. We were actually planning on starting today, but since his bowels are still not back to normal, I decided to hold off another week. That might have been a disaster otherwise!


7:30 or 8:00 AM- Wake up

8:15 AM- Breakfast

8:45 AM- Free play, watch a show, or go out

12:00 PM- Lunch

12:30 PM- Nap

2:30 PM- Wake up, free play or go out

3:30 PM- Snack

6:00 PM- Dinner

6:30 PM- Bath, PJs, read a book

7:00 PM- Bed


I got my wisdom teeth out at the beginning of the month, so the first half is very uneventful. A few of my friends (and Brian!) were gracious to watch Levi while I recovered, and they each said he was so well behaved for them.

Before I had my wisdom teeth removed, Levi and I tagged along with Brian to Frankfort one afternoon. Brian had a meeting for work, so I decided to take Levi to visit the KY State Capitol Building. It was super hot outside and he wasn’t very interested, but I did get some good photos.


I also watched my friend’s baby, Peter, one day this month. Levi had a really fun time hanging with him all day. Here they are waiting for me to throw the soccer ball back to them…

DSC_6504Lastly, Levi got some new shoes this month! He literally grew out of his others overnight, so both sets of his grandparents gave us money to buy two pairs for him. Gotta love those grandparents! But seriously, we are so thankful for them. The day his shoes arrived in the mail, Levi just walked around with them all day long. He loves them! He is wearing a size 6 now.


DSC_6638 DSC_6581

We sure do love our boy, but man, we’re just going through a rough patch. Here’s to hoping for a better month ahead!


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