Levi: 20 Months

Our boy is officially 20 months old and just a few months short of his 2nd birthday! Holy cow! I’m still in a bit of denial about that whole thing. Truly, this month we saw Levi develop the skills of a little boy and gradually lose more of that baby we’ve known. We look at him almost everyday and we’re in awe of how big he is and how much he knows (besides that whole walking bit…but that will come). Here’s an update on our Levi:



Some days Levi will have 4 sippy cups of milk and sometimes 3, plus one cup of water. He really loves water!

Levi also went through a bit of an appetite decrease this month. He still eats most everything (except for squash–he’s not a huge fan), but he definitely ate less this month than last month. His doctor says that’s normal. One of his favorite times of the week is Tuesday when we pick up our CSA bin. Levi loves to explore all the veggies we get each week and he has even taken big bites out of our tomatoes without me knowing! He has learned the names of a lot of veggies through his exploring.

And he has also eaten a popsicle or five this month…



We had a big shift in the area of sleep this month! A few new teeth, plus just a more sporadic summer schedule, was causing Levi to have some trouble napping and going to bed on time. We had VBS this month, so for 5 days straight he skipped his morning nap. He did pretty well with that! Towards the end of the week, he was so exhausted that his one afternoon nap lengthened to about 3 hours long. From that week on, I have been keeping him on a one nap schedule. It’s been different, but he is doing okay with it! He usually can make it to noon or 12:30 (especially if we have an outing in the morning) and he’ll sleep until about 2:30 or 3. This has made him especially ready for bed come 7 PM–something he was having trouble with last month when he was still taking two naps. It’s still a work in progress, for sure. Some days, he still wants his morning nap, so I’ll let him take one and just wake him earlier than usual. Hopefully all of the kinks will be worked out by next month! I’m ready for more consistency in our schedule again.



Levi still loves books, although he has become more opinionated this month regarding which ones he wants to read! We still go to the library (or “fi-baby” as the little man says) on Friday mornings for story time. We have made good mama/baby friends from the community who we see each week, which is fun.

The zoo is still one of Levi’s favorites as well. He is really beginning to learn the names and sounds of the animals.


Welp, he is still not walking! But, at this point we know it isn’t all because of a lack of motivation. He saw his physical therapist for the first time last week and she said that Levi has flat feet, which has contributed to low muscle tone in his legs. In a way, this made us feel a little better–of course, we don’t want anything to be physically wrong with our son, but it does explain his lack of interest in walking. He just doesn’t feel stable or confident because his body isn’t ready. He has been standing up (without support) a lot more this month and will even take a few intentional steps on occasion, but then his legs get tired and he won’t try again. His physical therapist is confident that, with our weekly visits, he could be walking within the next month. We sure hope so! This crawling business is getting old!

Levi’s fine motor skills are great. He has mastered using a fork and a spoon, which is really nice! He is also getting the hang of putting puzzles together and putting lids on various items.

DSC_5940 DSC_5805


Once again, his communication skills continue to blow us away! He knows so many words now, that I can’t possibly list them all. He’ll repeat words we say, even when we think he isn’t listening (which is scary). He even attempts 4 syllable words and knows several 3 syllable words or 3 word sentences. We have so much fun talking with him! Here are a few of our favorites:

I love you!



Treasure (he picked this up during our week of pirate themed VBS!)

Night night!

Bless you! and Ahh-choo (after he sneezes, he’ll say both to himself)

Help, please.

Elbo and Mick-Mick (a.k.a. Elmo and Mickey)

All of the sudden, Levi also has preferences for certain things. He only wants to read certain books, wear certain shoes (his Sperry’s are his favorite, of course!), or watch certain shows. This has been funny and frustrating, all the same!


Levi had two more canines cut through his gum this month! His fourth (and final) one is not far behind. This has made for some very fussy and clingy days this month. I officially hate canines. Total tooth count: 15.


We had VBS for a full week this month (I served, so Levi had to tag along and hang in the nursery). He did surprisingly well this year! It helped that he could get by without a morning nap. He was in a room with 1-3 year olds, so he got to go to music time, had a snack, and brought home coloring sheets each day. I think he really had fun! And I enjoyed the break from our norm!

DSC_6020 DSC_6202

Our community group hosted a block party for our neighborhood a few weeks ago and that was a blast as well. Levi loved watching all of the big kids play with water balloons and dance to the music. He had his first corn on the cob at the block party and now it’s one of his favorites!

We also took Levi to our neighborhood splash pad this week and he thought it was awesome! It took him a while to warm up to it (the water was a bit cold), but he loved crawling through the shooting water once he did. We live in a neighborhood that is mostly African American, so the fact that Levi was a baby–and a white baby at that–made him a very popular guy at the splash pad. The kids were loving following him around and playing with him!

Until next month!


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