Levi: 18 Months

I can’t believe my sweet boy is officially 1.5 years old! He continues to be such a light in our life and we love to watch him grow and develop.



Milk drinking is the same–5 to 6 ounces every 4 hours.

This boy continues to devour food! He will still eat pretty much everything, with the exception of sandwiches. We went on vacation this month, where he had the opportunity to try many new things. We found out that he loves oysters (weird, right?)! Another day this month, he refused to eat a PB&J sandwich (I didn’t plan ahead for his lunch and was desperate, so PB&J was the only option), yet he inhaled tons of edamame. Weird, again. His favorites still include broccoli florets, hotdogs, penne pasta, grapes, and yogurt.


This month, Levi did start waking a bit earlier than usual–sometime between 7 and 7:30 AM. But he is still getting at least 12 hours each night. He also continues to nap from roughly 9-11 AM and 1-3 PM.

While on vacation this month, we truly realized how much a good sleep routine affects his behavior. He tended to get to bed an hour or two after his normal bedtime each day and he was getting sporadic and shorter naps–and it showed! He was much more fussy than normal and even began acting out in disobedience. Vacation is hard!


Not much has changed in this area. Our boy is still loving time outside in the afternoon, playing with dirt and his cars. He also loved the beach, sitting in the sand for at least an hour at a time!



We usually let Levi watched one show per day in the afternoon. I think he enjoys it! His favorites right now are Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Curious George, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.



Levi is still showing no interest in walking! We really have no clue when he will. This month he started gaining more confidence walking alongside of us if we hold just one of his hands, so that’s a little bit of a change since last month. He still really freaks out if we try to let go of his hand though, so we’re hoping he will at least start letting us try that this month.

On the other hand, his fine motor skills continue to advance. Levi is really analytical, it seems. He loves to study things and discover how things work. His favorite hobby right now is putting small items into larger containers. He would do this with sand and buckets at the beach, his snacks into bags or containers, toys into baskets, etc.



New words this month:



“Bubba” (a good family friend)

“Uh oh!” (This comes out more like “uh uh”)

and “Lala” (the name for my aunt)

The screaming and tantrums continue on. Oh boy. Levi has many a spanking in his future.



I think a part of his fussiness in Florida was due to some teething–pretty sure Levi has either one or two canines making his way down. They still have not cut through his gum yet, so still 12 teeth to date!

Both he and I also got strep throat and pink eye this month. Yuck! It was his first bout with both illnesses, but luckily he didn’t get them both at the same time.



We celebrated my 2nd Mother’s Day this month! It was a really sweet day with my boys. They took me to lunch at Wild Eggs and it was a delicious treat! Then, that evening, we had a cookout with our community group.


Our other big event this month was our trip to Florida. It was such a nice week as a family and we really enjoyed our time away. Levi got to see his grandparents, great-grandparents, several other family members and some good friends! He did pretty good on the flight there, but it was definitely more challenging, since he was so mobile. The flight back we had an empty seat next to us and he was so content and happy the entire time. I think it really helped him to have his own space, for sure. Levi also made it through about 75% of my brother’s graduation ceremony before needing to be taken out, which is pretty good in my book!

Overall, it has been a great month. We have watched as Levi learns more and more and it has been a joy (and a challenge) to be his parents thus far. We wouldn’t trade that dude for anything!


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