Summer Bucket List.

My sweet friend, Brigette, is a fantastic graphic designer and the inspiration for this little post of mine. She, her husband and her beautiful little girl, Ella, live in New Orleans, where they are currently working their way through seminary (sound familiar?). Ella and Levi were born just 2 weeks apart, so besides both being USF alumni and having husbands in seminary, Brigette and I have a lot in common!

Recently, Brigette shared this printable Summer Bucket List, so I decided to create one of my own. I used her design (cute, right?!), but just digitally edited it instead of printing it. Check out the other adorable designs in her Etsy shop as well!

So, without further delay, here is my list of things to do on my own or as a family this Summer:

I have a hard time motivating myself to read. To be honest, I’m still working through some of the books from my reading list LAST Summer. So, I felt like one book per month was more manageable and less overwhelming.

I’ve been wanting to start a 365 project for months–since I got my DSLR for Christmas. I need to just do it already.

We’re thinking about taking a one-night trip to St. Louis or Indianapolis in late July or early August! Get some good family time in before the busyness of the Fall semester hits us hard like it does every year.

I may start Couch to 5K again…or I may try a new aerobic routine I found recently (Bikini Body Mommy). The name sounds really silly, but it’s really appealing because I don’t have to leave my house to do the workout. That hinders me from working out a lot of the time, especially with a little guy to take care of!

We are loving the SBTS Pool, Louisville Zoo and Shelby Park these days! A major perk is they are all “free” to use (since we bought a zoo annual pass this year).

Sometime this Summer, I am determined to finally hang our missionary prayer cards on our hallway wall. Just gotta get the supplies and set the date!

Dairy Kastle soft serve sprinkle cone. Enough said.

I want to start implementing some of the principles of the “100 Days of Real Food” challenge in our household. We don’t eat a ton of processed food, but I would like to cut back what we do eat even more. Clearly, trips to Dairy Kastle will be omitted from this challenge.

U of L Baseball games are FREE to the public! No reason not to check one out.

Maybe sometime this Summer, Levi will finally start to walk! We are going to help him in whatever way we can…even if that means hosting the “baby Olympics” every evening in our home (a.k.a. helping him walk up and down the length of our house 5-10 times).

I’ve heard the Louisville Science Center is fun! I would love to take Levi there one day, after he learns to walk, so he can explore at his own will.

We’ll be in Florida in TWO WEEKS. So much excitement about that!! Most of our time there, we’ll be at the beach, so I really want to teach Levi the art of building (or smashing) sand castles.

4th of July BBQ’s make me so happy. Nothing like some burgers, corn on the cob, and fireworks to bring out the patriots.

I have to remember to water my flowers everyday. If I do well with that, I may plant some herbs in a month or so.

We have met several more of our neighbors within the last two weeks! It is amazing how some nice weather can bring everyone out of their homes. I want to be more intentional this Summer about connecting with even more of our neighborhood.

So that’s my list! Brian is taking his last exam of the semester as we speak, so once he gets home, it’s GO time. Oh, Summer, how we love you.


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