A New Year Vacation.

We were so blessed to begin this year with a trip to visit our family in Florida. On New Year’s Day, we began our 9-hour (turned 11-hour) trek down to Pensacola, where we spent 3 days with Brian’s family. It was such a nice few days as we had our family Christmas together, played with our nephews, and enjoyed so many of our favorite things about Pensacola (namely, delicious seafood).




From that point, we headed 4 hours east to our friends in Lake City! Anna and Ethan moved to Lake City in August, when Ethan accepted a youth pastor position at a local church. We have missed having them in Louisville with us, especially with the recent birth of their sweet baby girl, Norah. We were so excited to spend the weekend with them and meet Norah! We had a great time eating dinner in Jacksonville, visiting their church, and taking a nice walk on Sunday afternoon.





Finally, on Monday, we drove an hour south to Gainesville, where my family met us for lunch at Chuy’s. From lunch, Brian drove the 12 hours back to Louisville and my parents took Levi and I back to their house for the rest of the week. It was a pretty relaxed week, which I was excited for after so many days of travelling. We spent several hours with my grandparents one day, went to Scott’s basketball game, and even visited some of my friends in Tampa.






When we were 15 minutes from the airport on Friday, I began throwing up. Levi had been acting funny all week and he also threw up on Wednesday evening, so apparently I had gotten whatever he had. I considered still getting on our flight, but after the second vomit incident (while sitting in the airport parking lot), I realized that was probably a very bad idea. My mom and I went inside the airport, stood in line for nearly an hour (I was so weak, I thought I was going to fall over at that point), and finally got my flight changed to Sunday afternoon. Delta was gracious enough to change the flight at no charge! So, we drove the 1.5 hours back to my mom and dad’s house, I continued to puke, and once we returned, I didn’t wake up until 8 AM the next morning. I was so grateful that my mom and dad were able to take care of Levi so I could recuperate! I sure wouldn’t have been able to do that at home, since Brian was working.
We’ve been back in Louisville for 5 days now and let me just tell you, it has been the toughest 5 days we’ve had in a while. I forgot how long it takes for Levi to get back to “normal” after a vacation. Add in some residual tummy problems, diaper rash, and the fact that he got whatever he wanted for nearly 10 days straight, and you can just imagine! It’s been a frustrating few days, to say the least. But I’m certainly thankful for a great vacation and I know (pray) things will get back to normal soon enough. This trip was a wonderful way to start 2014!

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