Our Christmas Celebration.

I feel like it’s been an eternity since I last wrote here. I’ve literally been writing at least one post per week for almost a year now, so to go several weeks without writing is odd. Since Levi turned 1, I have decided to just update on him monthly now, instead of weekly. He is doing new things and developing a ton, but not nearly as quickly as he has the past year–so no need to update every week anymore.

However, I did want to dedicate a full post to our Christmas celebration this past week! We had such a nice few days remembering the birth of our Savior and praising Him for His goodness to us. On Christmas Eve, Levi and I went to church at 4 PM for the service. Unfortunately, Brian ended up having to work until 5:30 that day, so he wasn’t able to come with us. I was bummed, but was glad he at least had Christmas Day off.

Our friends Carly, Josh, and their baby Peter ended up coming with us since their church didn’t have a Christmas Eve service. That was fun and I was glad they joined us! Here are some photos of Levi in his Christmas Eve outfit, before we left for church. He got the outfit from his Grandma and Grandpa for his birthday.

After we got home from church, Brian arrived shortly after. We ate our dinner together–a special request from Brian, eggplant parmesan. Then we proceeded to open a couple of presents, one for all of us and one for just Levi. My parents got us a cute “house” ornament to represent our new home and Levi opened his Christmas PJ’s to wear that night!


Since the ornament was wrapped in bubble wrap, we also took the opportunity to introduce Levi to the wonderful creation. He was not a fan! At one point (before we really knew how scared of it he was), Brian picked him up and sat him down onto the bubble wrap, proceeding to pop tons of those things at once. Levi was petrified! He screamed and nearly jumped into Brian’s lap. We couldn’t help but laugh! This picture was taken right after and may be my favorite of the night. Levi was looking down at the bubble wrap with such disdain!
The next morning, we planned to just let Levi sleep until his normal time. I would feed him breakfast, Brian would make us some coffee, and then we would head into the living room to open our gifts. Well, Levi decided to gift us with some extra sleep and he didn’t wake until 7:45! It was a very nice surprise. After our morning routine, we opened our presents! Levi was at a great age this year and seemed really excited/curious when he opened up each new toy. His favorite things seemed to be a touch-and-feel lion book that Brian and I got him, as well as a puzzle step-stool that my parents got him. The step-stool was a really special gift because my brother and I each had one growing up, with our names on them. I’m really glad Levi loves it!





After opening presents and a bit of playing, Levi needed to go down for his morning nap. So Brian and I made our Christmas Day breakfast–brioche french toast. It was quite delicious! We began a 24 marathon and got a few episodes in before Levi woke up. It was nice to just relax and sit in our PJ’s for most of the day.



After putting Levi down for his next nap, we then began our lunch preparations. We debated for a long time about what we wanted to make for our Christmas lunch. Brian isn’t much of a ham person and we kind of wanted to do something out-of-the-box anyway–so we decided on a shrimp boil. We normally wouldn’t make a shrimp dish (buying fish in KY is expensive), so this was something special and it reminded us of home. It was our first boil and we thought it turned out pretty yummy!


By 4 PM, we were all showered and dressed (I mean, that’s pretty much the norm on Christmas, right?) and we had made our red velvet cake for dessert. Some CG friends invited us over to hang out, play some video games, and eat BLT’s and dessert! We had a great time at their house, watching the kids play with their new toys and just having sweet fellowship together.



Overall, we had such a memorable and lovely Christmas, just the three of us! Sure, we missed our families, but it was really nice to relax together and just savor this year with our 1-year-old boy. We hope that your Christmas was equally as joy-filled!

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