Levi: Weeks 49 & 50 Summary

Another two-in-one post because I’ve been slacking a bit! It will summarize Levi’s 49th and 50th week of wonderful life.

Last week (week 49), we started the weaning process! I can’t believe the time is already here. I did a bit of research on weaning, because I didn’t really know how it worked, and I decided to go with a more gradual process to make it a bit easier on both Levi and I. So basically, last week for his third feeding of the day, instead of nursing him I gave him a sippy cup of milk. Then a few days later, I replaced his second feeding of the day with a sippy of milk. That is where we are at now! Eventually, by the time he turns one, all of his four feedings will have been replaced with whole milk and my milk supply will have gradually decreased. There’s no going back now!

As far as solids go, Levi has been a garbage disposal this week! Seriously, the dude can eat. He actually tried a lot of new foods in this time span, including:

Mandarin oranges (his new favorite!)
Pineapple slices
Bowtie pasta with marinara sauce
Teething biscuits (these have become his daily afternoon snack)
Scrambled eggs
Succotash (edamame, corn, and diced red peppers)
Blueberries and raspberries (he is NOT a fan!)

In the process of weaning him from milk, I’ve also worked on weaning him from purees as well. So these weeks, I only gave him 2 oz of a pureed veggie at lunch and dinner and then gave him finger foods afterwards until he was full! I’m not sure how realistic it is, but my hope is to have him eating all finger foods/table foods soon after he turns one.

Levi’s sleep patterns have been awesome the past two weeks! He will occasionally wake a bit early from some of his naps, but nothing too crazy. His nighttime sleep has been excellent though! He has been able to sleep 12 hours straight since he was about 5 months old, but he has never been super consistent about it. There were always a few nights per week where he would wake at least once. But, for the last two weeks, he has slept through the night without waking at all! It’s been bliss and I am so thankful for the extra rest.

One major development in this time frame is Levi’s ability to crawl on all fours! I realized that he seemed to have a lot more ease of learning when we were in his room, since it is carpeted. Literally, in about two days time, he had crawling down! He still has a bit of trouble on the wood floors–since they are a bit slick–but he has made so much progress. Brian and I laugh that he is almost one year old and finally crawling…he’s advanced 😉

Man, I’ve been reminded the past two weeks how rough winter is when you stay at home with a baby!  We haven’t really done anything too eventful, simply because its a lot of work to get all bundled up for the cold weather! That’s lame, I know. Here are some photos of my cute munchkin:


We did go play at the mall playground one day!



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