Levi: Week 46 Summary

I’m a bit late this week on the summary for Levi–mostly because we’ve been moving every belonging that we own and cleaning, and doing more moving and more cleaning, all with curtain hanging and unpacking in the middle. Goodness, it has been a long and exhausting week! But, back to Levi. Here is a recap of his 46th week–from October 19-25.

I noticed my milk supply take a dip this week. This could be because I stopped pumping at night before bed, because goodness, that was getting old. I realized that not pumping could affect me in that way (since that pumping acted as a “5th feeding”), but I figured I’d try the odds and if we had to buy formula for a month, so be it. It has definitely dropped a bit (from what I can tell), but Levi doesn’t really seem phased by it. So, we press on! Only one more month to nurse my little guy–it’s bittersweet.

Solids are still the same. Levi eats 3 oz of oatmeal in the morning, 4 oz of pureed veggies/fruit in the afternoon and 4 oz for dinner. He seems fairly satisfied! Some nights he seems to be a bit more hungry after his 4th ounce, so I usually give him yogurt or applesauce or finger foods until he is full.

Levi’s naps were actually pretty consistent this week, despite our moving. He is pretty spot on with a 1 hour nap in the morning, a 2 hour nap in the afternoon, and a 30-45 minute nap in the early evening.

From what I can remember, Levi did well with sleeping through the night during this time frame. It’s all a bit of a blur now. But if he did wake, it was only one time per night, and usually anywhere from 5-6 AM. I just quickly nursed him and put him right back to sleep. There were several nights that he slept through though, so I was really happy about that as I reflected on the previous nightmare of a week!

Man, these teeth are so stubborn! Still no sign of his right top lateral incisor. It’s literally just under his gum, but hasn’t cut through yet. I could tell this week, he was dealing with a lot more teething pain. His cheeks kept getting red, which is an indicator that his teeth are giving him trouble. We used a lot of teething tablets this week!

This week, Levi perfected “Da-da” and I think he started really relating the word to Brian. He won’t say anything else though…no matter how many times I say Mama in his ear. Levi also perfected his waving hello and goodbye this week! He now knows to wave when someone says either word and he’ll actually wave at the person, not at himself.

On top of our crazy move, combined with teething pain, this was also a wonder week for Levi–and it showed! He was just all around miserable, clingy, and cranky. That made for a fun time as we tried to pack up all of our things!

The Sojourn Fall Festival was this week! Brian and I helped run a few of the kid events–the ring toss and bowling. Levi helped too! It was a frigid and rainy day, but it was still fun to be a part of.


Lots and lots of packing happened last week! I had to get the last of our apartment packed up for our move on 10/24. I could tell Levi was a bit distraught because of this. He seemed confused and he was very clingy to me all week. But we were super excited to be in our new house! The first night I anticipated Levi to wake up several times. He sure did prove me wrong–he slept 12 hours straight! I was so happy that we all got some much needed rest.


Lastly, we went to Boo at the Zoo this week! We bought tickets for what ended up being one of the coldest nights of the season. It was literally about 35 degrees as we walked around. Levi seemed frozen–he wouldn’t even smile. But it was still fun! I’m not sure that we’d go next year. Levi didn’t really seem interested yet, but maybe next year he’ll be more into the characters! So we’ll see! I dressed Levi as a lumberjack.






That’s week 46 for ya!

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