Levi: Week 45 Summary

This is summary for Levi’s 45th week, spanning the dates of 10/12-10/18. It was another challenging week!

Not much has changed here! Still nursing 4 times per day. I started supplementing with a 4 oz bottle only after his 3rd feeding (3 PM). Since we only have a month of breastfeeding left, I’m trying to use up some milk I have stored in the freezer during that time. When I run out, I’ll continue with formula.

Solids are the same as well! He is eating great and seems to be content with 4 oz of food total per meal.

Levi napped a bit better this week, which I was grateful for! Towards the end of the week, he was slowly getting back to his 1-1.5 hour nap in the morning and 1.5-2 hour nap in the afternoon. Most days he did also take a 30-45 minute catnap in the early evening if I noticed him getting fussy. He was much happier on the days he got his full amount of sleep in, that’s for sure! He was still pretty sick this week, so the naps he did wake early were due to that.

For the most part, he did a lot better this week sleeping through the night! He was still having some digestion issues from his sickness, so sometimes he would wake in the night from a dirty diaper. Super weird–he has never done that. But once I changed him and fed him a bit, he was right back to sleep. Most nights this week, he would at least sleep 8 hours straight–which is pretty good considering he was super congested.

I can still see his tooth getting lower–his gums have even started coming to a point in that spot–but still no tooth #4! Maybe one of these days it will just poke through. He doesn’t seem to be in much pain from it anymore though, which is a great thing!

I don’t know if it was his sickness, but Levi really started acting out a bit this week. He started seriously crying several times upon taking a toy from him, and he also started arching his back and throwing fits when I changed his diaper. He also has been banging his head against the back of his highchair the past few weeks. Its not that big of a deal (I think he just likes the noise it makes), but his high chair is connected to one of our dining chairs, so we really don’t want him to scratch up the chair from all the banging. Both Brian and I consistently and sternly tell him not to do it, but sometimes he’ll do it even harder after we say something. He is a really sweet boy and pretty relaxed, but goodness he is stubborn! I can’t believe this defiance is already beginning!


Levi finally started crawling from room to room this week! If Brian and I are in another room and he is playing elsewhere, he will now come to find us. That is fun! Not much else is new here, though.

This is our typical schedule. The only thing that has changed is the amount that we are supplementing with bottles.

7:00 am- nurse
7:30 am- breakfast, independent playtime
8:30 or 9:00 am- nap 
10:00 or 10:30 am- bathtime
11:00 am- nurse, lunch, playtime
12:00 or 12:30 pm- nap
2:30 pm- nurse, 4 oz breastmilk/formula, run errands if necessary
4:30 or 5:00 pm- catnap (usually just 30-45 minutes)
6:00 pm- dinner
7:00 pm- nurse, PJs, family time
7:15 pm- bedtime

We started packing this week for our big move on 10/24! Levi was super entertained with the boxes, which was really helpful. Is he cute or what?!

Uncle Ethan visited this week as well! He and Brian were taking a modular class together, so Ethan stayed with us for a few days. Levi loved playing with him and I know he recognized him after a month of not seeing him. He sure did miss his Aunt Anna though!


We played at the seminary while Brian and Ethan were browsing in the library. Levi did well in the library for about 10 minutes–and then we decided to head outside.


Lastly, Brian was off work one morning, so the three of us went to Panera for breakfast! Levi loved munching on his own bear-claw. That is a new favorite of his–just like his mama. 
That’s all for this week!



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