It’s sad to think that this chapter in our humble little 850 square foot apartment will be coming to a close in a few short weeks. This wasn’t our first apartment in Louisville, but it was definitely a sweet apartment. A lot of “firsts” happened here and a lot of memories will always be linked to our time here:

Like moving in just 3 weeks before Levi arrived
and our mad rush to get his room ready.



Spending our last Thanksgiving as a family of two
eating at Cracker Barrel and watching movies. Levi came just a week later.
Bringing him home to this place after some scary days in the NICU.
Our first Christmas as a family of three–when Levi met his Papi and Uncle Scott
and we had no clue what we were doing.





Too many snowy winter days.
And trying to figure out our new rhythm as I worked from this quaint little place with a newborn.



Way too much spit up and tons of naps were had here.


And a snowy 3rd Anniversary.



Hot tea in our bellies and bright flowers on our table to help with the overwhelming and rough days.
Lots of daddy snuggle time on Sunday mornings.
As well as good times rollin’ and strollin’!


Enjoying many times with friends in this place (like the “Tim Tam Slam” night).


Celebrating Christ’s life and learning about new life on the way!


And previewing the new Superman movie together!


Big things happened here, like visits from grandparents…


But I’ll always remember the routine, everyday things as well.




This apartment saw many the morning snuggle, homemade meal, and Bumbo time.


A lot of busy weekdays and rest-filled Sundays.


And plenty of mischievous play was had here too!



Here, we found out that baby Crowder was a girl!


And I took way too many photos and Brian read way too many books.


We celebrated another start to Fall and our little boy continued to grow and grow…


…and grow and grow.


And many a swing was swung.
I know this apartment is just a place. And I know that home is wherever we are together. But I can’t help but think back on our time in apartment Y10. All the changes that our life threw at us and all the learning that happened along the way. It was here that we became a family of 3 and God truly revealed himself to us in a little boy named Levi! And for that, it will always be a special place.

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