Intent to Vacate.

I have seen those words far too often in the past 5 years. Intent to Vacate. Brian and I were thinking back the other day, trying to calculate the number of times we had moved since we each moved away to USF (Brian in 2007, myself in 2008). The score: Ashley – 7, Brian – 6. That’s crazy people, just crazy. I feel like a nomad.

Well, it makes me cringe to say it, but it seems we will be moving again! And in just 3 short weeks. We are extremely excited and slightly nervous at the same time. We’re staying in Louisville, for sure–heck, we are not leaving here until Brian is holding his Masters degree in hand (Lord willing).

But it turns out the Lord has blessed us with a house to rent! An entire house. Like, with a backyard and a whole room for Brian’s books and more than one toilet. We are so thrilled!

When we moved to Louisville in 2011!

Some family friends who live in Europe recently bought it as an investment opportunity. We had talked to them over the Summer about the timeline with it, but we never imagined it would still be available for us to consider, since the lease for our apartment isn’t up until October 31st. I guess God had some different ideas in mind and we were blown away by his timing!

The house is located just a few blocks down from our church–which we are very excited about. It is an older neighborhood in Louisville, and admittedly a bit of a rougher section of Louisville. We’ve been a part of stepping into that neighborhood through different church events and we actually have several friends who have houses in the area as well. And now we’ll be able to call it our neighborhood too! We are hoping that our home can be yet another beacon of light where there is much darkness.

You might ask, well why would you choose to move your family from where you currently live to a less safe area? Our response: because God commands us to go! He commands us to get away from our comfortable life, to build relationships with those who do not know Him, and to be salt and light in dark places. And what a better time to do so than while we are here in Louisville, attending seminary, and being trained as ministers of the Gospel!

Are we nervous about the change? Maybe a bit. Right now, we live in a quaint little apartment complex 1-mile from the seminary and mostly filled with fellow students. So yea, things will be quite different. But Brian and I have always been firm believers that (1) sin is everywhere and (2) God is sovereign. God is in control in every situation and in every place of residence–so we can have faith that he will be watchful over our family in our new neighborhood.  Plus, he has also given us the necessary wisdom as parents to protect our family as much as is possible, should the circumstance warrant it.

Okay, I’ll end my rant on that. Anyway, we can’t wait for this new opportunity. We are so looking forward to making this house a haven to our family, friends and neighbors! Now begins the less fun aspect–packing.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for some photos of our cute new abode!


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