Levi: Week 46 Summary

I’m a bit late this week on the summary for Levi–mostly because we’ve been moving every belonging that we own and cleaning, and doing more moving and more cleaning, all with curtain hanging and unpacking in the middle. Goodness, it has been a long and exhausting week! But, back to Levi. Here is a recap of his 46th week–from October 19-25.

I noticed my milk supply take a dip this week. This could be because I stopped pumping at night before bed, because goodness, that was getting old. I realized that not pumping could affect me in that way (since that pumping acted as a “5th feeding”), but I figured I’d try the odds and if we had to buy formula for a month, so be it. It has definitely dropped a bit (from what I can tell), but Levi doesn’t really seem phased by it. So, we press on! Only one more month to nurse my little guy–it’s bittersweet.

Solids are still the same. Levi eats 3 oz of oatmeal in the morning, 4 oz of pureed veggies/fruit in the afternoon and 4 oz for dinner. He seems fairly satisfied! Some nights he seems to be a bit more hungry after his 4th ounce, so I usually give him yogurt or applesauce or finger foods until he is full.

Levi’s naps were actually pretty consistent this week, despite our moving. He is pretty spot on with a 1 hour nap in the morning, a 2 hour nap in the afternoon, and a 30-45 minute nap in the early evening.

From what I can remember, Levi did well with sleeping through the night during this time frame. It’s all a bit of a blur now. But if he did wake, it was only one time per night, and usually anywhere from 5-6 AM. I just quickly nursed him and put him right back to sleep. There were several nights that he slept through though, so I was really happy about that as I reflected on the previous nightmare of a week!

Man, these teeth are so stubborn! Still no sign of his right top lateral incisor. It’s literally just under his gum, but hasn’t cut through yet. I could tell this week, he was dealing with a lot more teething pain. His cheeks kept getting red, which is an indicator that his teeth are giving him trouble. We used a lot of teething tablets this week!

This week, Levi perfected “Da-da” and I think he started really relating the word to Brian. He won’t say anything else though…no matter how many times I say Mama in his ear. Levi also perfected his waving hello and goodbye this week! He now knows to wave when someone says either word and he’ll actually wave at the person, not at himself.

On top of our crazy move, combined with teething pain, this was also a wonder week for Levi–and it showed! He was just all around miserable, clingy, and cranky. That made for a fun time as we tried to pack up all of our things!

The Sojourn Fall Festival was this week! Brian and I helped run a few of the kid events–the ring toss and bowling. Levi helped too! It was a frigid and rainy day, but it was still fun to be a part of.


Lots and lots of packing happened last week! I had to get the last of our apartment packed up for our move on 10/24. I could tell Levi was a bit distraught because of this. He seemed confused and he was very clingy to me all week. But we were super excited to be in our new house! The first night I anticipated Levi to wake up several times. He sure did prove me wrong–he slept 12 hours straight! I was so happy that we all got some much needed rest.


Lastly, we went to Boo at the Zoo this week! We bought tickets for what ended up being one of the coldest nights of the season. It was literally about 35 degrees as we walked around. Levi seemed frozen–he wouldn’t even smile. But it was still fun! I’m not sure that we’d go next year. Levi didn’t really seem interested yet, but maybe next year he’ll be more into the characters! So we’ll see! I dressed Levi as a lumberjack.






That’s week 46 for ya!

Levi: Week 45 Summary

This is summary for Levi’s 45th week, spanning the dates of 10/12-10/18. It was another challenging week!

Not much has changed here! Still nursing 4 times per day. I started supplementing with a 4 oz bottle only after his 3rd feeding (3 PM). Since we only have a month of breastfeeding left, I’m trying to use up some milk I have stored in the freezer during that time. When I run out, I’ll continue with formula.

Solids are the same as well! He is eating great and seems to be content with 4 oz of food total per meal.

Levi napped a bit better this week, which I was grateful for! Towards the end of the week, he was slowly getting back to his 1-1.5 hour nap in the morning and 1.5-2 hour nap in the afternoon. Most days he did also take a 30-45 minute catnap in the early evening if I noticed him getting fussy. He was much happier on the days he got his full amount of sleep in, that’s for sure! He was still pretty sick this week, so the naps he did wake early were due to that.

For the most part, he did a lot better this week sleeping through the night! He was still having some digestion issues from his sickness, so sometimes he would wake in the night from a dirty diaper. Super weird–he has never done that. But once I changed him and fed him a bit, he was right back to sleep. Most nights this week, he would at least sleep 8 hours straight–which is pretty good considering he was super congested.

I can still see his tooth getting lower–his gums have even started coming to a point in that spot–but still no tooth #4! Maybe one of these days it will just poke through. He doesn’t seem to be in much pain from it anymore though, which is a great thing!

I don’t know if it was his sickness, but Levi really started acting out a bit this week. He started seriously crying several times upon taking a toy from him, and he also started arching his back and throwing fits when I changed his diaper. He also has been banging his head against the back of his highchair the past few weeks. Its not that big of a deal (I think he just likes the noise it makes), but his high chair is connected to one of our dining chairs, so we really don’t want him to scratch up the chair from all the banging. Both Brian and I consistently and sternly tell him not to do it, but sometimes he’ll do it even harder after we say something. He is a really sweet boy and pretty relaxed, but goodness he is stubborn! I can’t believe this defiance is already beginning!


Levi finally started crawling from room to room this week! If Brian and I are in another room and he is playing elsewhere, he will now come to find us. That is fun! Not much else is new here, though.

This is our typical schedule. The only thing that has changed is the amount that we are supplementing with bottles.

7:00 am- nurse
7:30 am- breakfast, independent playtime
8:30 or 9:00 am- nap 
10:00 or 10:30 am- bathtime
11:00 am- nurse, lunch, playtime
12:00 or 12:30 pm- nap
2:30 pm- nurse, 4 oz breastmilk/formula, run errands if necessary
4:30 or 5:00 pm- catnap (usually just 30-45 minutes)
6:00 pm- dinner
7:00 pm- nurse, PJs, family time
7:15 pm- bedtime

We started packing this week for our big move on 10/24! Levi was super entertained with the boxes, which was really helpful. Is he cute or what?!

Uncle Ethan visited this week as well! He and Brian were taking a modular class together, so Ethan stayed with us for a few days. Levi loved playing with him and I know he recognized him after a month of not seeing him. He sure did miss his Aunt Anna though!


We played at the seminary while Brian and Ethan were browsing in the library. Levi did well in the library for about 10 minutes–and then we decided to head outside.


Lastly, Brian was off work one morning, so the three of us went to Panera for breakfast! Levi loved munching on his own bear-claw. That is a new favorite of his–just like his mama. 
That’s all for this week!



I feel like too often in my life I am compelled to anticipate the “next step.” I find myself anxious about the future and wondering where we’ll end up and what we’ll be doing. To be honest, I often forget to hand those anxieties and plans over to the Lord, who has been orchestrating my life from the beginning of time. And I often forget to savor the here and now.

To savor the fact that we currently attend (I say “we” because this is clearly a joint effort) one of the largest and, in my opinion, most beautiful seminaries in the US. We are so blessed to be here and to learn here.

To savor our time at Sojourn Community Church as we learn to serve the body of Christ and praise Him with everything that we have.

To savor Louisville, with all its quirkiness and unique character. I know we’ll miss it here when it’s time to move on.

To savor this last week in our apartment. I mean, yea, the walls are thin and we live across from a DJ–but it has suited our needs. So many people in the world don’t even have a place to call home.

To savor this season with Levi as our only child. I can give my undivided attention to him whenever he needs it. And make all kinds of sweet memories with him alone. And sleep when he is sleeping! That is a huge perk.

To savor the beauty of Fall. The red, yellow, and orange leaves. Pumpkin patches and spiced lattes. Boots and scarves. Giving thanks with family and friends. It is a gift.

To savor today. With a baby that loves me so much he just wants to be attached to my hip. With a husband who asks me to make him a sandwich before he heads to work for 9 hours. With boxes upon boxes lining our walls because God has blessed us with earthly possessions that we don’t deserve.

Savor today because tomorrow is not promised.

“For in Your sight a thousand years are like a yesterday that passes by, like a few hours of the night. You end their life; they sleep. They are like a grass that grows in the morning–in the morning it sprouts and grows; by evening it withers and dries up.” -Psalm 90:4-6

Levi: Weeks 43 & 44 Summary

Oh boy! What a two weeks this has been! Talk about teething and sickness central in our house. As I sit here, I could literally just fall asleep because of how tired and crappy I feel. But I won’t–because this summary needs to be written before it turns into a 3 week summary. Here’s what has been goin’ on with Levi:

We are still nursing and Levi is doing well. He is doing a lot better with not getting distracted, so that’s really encouraging. The few times I’ve pumped in the past two weeks, I have noticed a dip in my supply. And some nights that Levi has woke, he does seem very hungry–so I’m wondering if he has been getting enough milk. His third feeding of the day he only nurses (no solids after) and most days he becomes super super upset come 4 or 5 PM. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t getting enough milk at that feeding to hold him over until dinner time. So yesterday, I decided to start supplementing with formula to increase his liquid intake. And Levi is almost his old self again (his teething pain did still affect him though)! At first, he didn’t seem to care for the formula or the bottle, but now he is drinking it without issue. So now, at every feeding, I nurse him for 5-10 minutes, give him a 2 oz bottle of formula, and then offer him his solids for that meal. I would like to continue to nurse him until he is 1 year, not only for the health benefits, but also for the fact that we’ll need to buy less formula.

Solid feeding is still going great! Levi is eating 3-4 oz of oatmeal mixed with applesauce for breakfast, and 2 oz veggie-based food plus 2 oz of fruit-based food for both lunch and dinner. I usually give him finger foods of some type after at least one meal each day.

I mentioned last week that he disliked the cantaloupe and strawberry puree I made for him. Well, this week I offered it to him only slightly defrosted–more like a sorbet. He didn’t absolutely love it, but he did eat all of it! Especially when I took some small bites of it as well.

Still rough on the naps the past two weeks. He woke up very early for almost every one! I’m ready for this teething pain to be over so that he’ll be more well rested and happy again.

Also, rough these two weeks! Levi woke anywhere from 1-3 times per night–usually at very random times. This is what makes me think it was due to teething pain. Even though I didn’t want to (for fear of creating a habit), usually I would just nurse him to get him to calm down. He would fall back asleep quickly if I did that. Fingers crossed that he isn’t affected by that in the coming weeks!

Yep, they are definitely comin’! His snaggletooth (left lateral incisor) is slowly making its way farther down and his right lateral incisor is more visible (through his gum) by the day. I’m praying it cuts through soon–this one seems to be the most painful for Levi yet. He seems to be experiencing a lot more teething symptoms with this tooth than any other so far. Yesterday and today, almost every diaper is a poopy one and its very runny (sorry for TMI). This has also caused a terrible diaper rash, which causes him to scream in pain every time I wipe him. I feel so so bad for him! Some other minor symptoms include him pulling on his right ear (no ear infection–already checked with his doctor), redness on his right cheek, cold-like symptoms, and super grumpiness.

Not too much is new in this area! Oh, Levi has almost mastered his pincer grasp, which is especially helpful for picking up his beloved Cheerios. He also will rock back and forth now when he hears music–like he’s dancing! I love that.

While these past two weeks have been a bit more sporadic than usual, this is our schedule each day (each time listed is give or take 15 minutes):

7:00 am- nurse, 2 oz bottle of formula
7:30 am- breakfast, independent playtime
8:30-9:00 am- nap (this varies based on how well he slept the night before, how he is feeling, etc.)
10:00-10:30 am- bathtime
11:00 am- nurse, 2 oz bottle formula, lunch, playtime
12:00-12:30 pm- nap
2:30 pm- nurse, 2 oz formula, run errands if necessary
4:30-5:00 pm- catnap (usually just 30-45 minutes)
6:00 pm- dinner
7:00 pm- nurse, PJs, family time
7:15 pm- bedtime

Big boy turned 10 months old on October 1st! So far, this has been one of the worst months of his life, but I know it will start improving soon. Here are some photos from his 10-month photo shoot:



The lip!

Levi seems to be feeling fine when we are out and about so…

We took many trips to Target.
And the SBTS pool!


And a friend came to play with us for the day.


We also took a trip to the zoo! Levi got to feed (and see up close) a giraffe for the first time! He seemed to really like it.


Levi also had more baths than usual these past two weeks–because he just loves the bath. And it helps him to forget how cruddy he feels 🙂


That’s all for now!


It’s sad to think that this chapter in our humble little 850 square foot apartment will be coming to a close in a few short weeks. This wasn’t our first apartment in Louisville, but it was definitely a sweet apartment. A lot of “firsts” happened here and a lot of memories will always be linked to our time here:

Like moving in just 3 weeks before Levi arrived
and our mad rush to get his room ready.



Spending our last Thanksgiving as a family of two
eating at Cracker Barrel and watching movies. Levi came just a week later.
Bringing him home to this place after some scary days in the NICU.
Our first Christmas as a family of three–when Levi met his Papi and Uncle Scott
and we had no clue what we were doing.





Too many snowy winter days.
And trying to figure out our new rhythm as I worked from this quaint little place with a newborn.



Way too much spit up and tons of naps were had here.


And a snowy 3rd Anniversary.



Hot tea in our bellies and bright flowers on our table to help with the overwhelming and rough days.
Lots of daddy snuggle time on Sunday mornings.
As well as good times rollin’ and strollin’!


Enjoying many times with friends in this place (like the “Tim Tam Slam” night).


Celebrating Christ’s life and learning about new life on the way!


And previewing the new Superman movie together!


Big things happened here, like visits from grandparents…


But I’ll always remember the routine, everyday things as well.




This apartment saw many the morning snuggle, homemade meal, and Bumbo time.


A lot of busy weekdays and rest-filled Sundays.


And plenty of mischievous play was had here too!



Here, we found out that baby Crowder was a girl!


And I took way too many photos and Brian read way too many books.


We celebrated another start to Fall and our little boy continued to grow and grow…


…and grow and grow.


And many a swing was swung.
I know this apartment is just a place. And I know that home is wherever we are together. But I can’t help but think back on our time in apartment Y10. All the changes that our life threw at us and all the learning that happened along the way. It was here that we became a family of 3 and God truly revealed himself to us in a little boy named Levi! And for that, it will always be a special place.

Intent to Vacate.

I have seen those words far too often in the past 5 years. Intent to Vacate. Brian and I were thinking back the other day, trying to calculate the number of times we had moved since we each moved away to USF (Brian in 2007, myself in 2008). The score: Ashley – 7, Brian – 6. That’s crazy people, just crazy. I feel like a nomad.

Well, it makes me cringe to say it, but it seems we will be moving again! And in just 3 short weeks. We are extremely excited and slightly nervous at the same time. We’re staying in Louisville, for sure–heck, we are not leaving here until Brian is holding his Masters degree in hand (Lord willing).

But it turns out the Lord has blessed us with a house to rent! An entire house. Like, with a backyard and a whole room for Brian’s books and more than one toilet. We are so thrilled!

When we moved to Louisville in 2011!

Some family friends who live in Europe recently bought it as an investment opportunity. We had talked to them over the Summer about the timeline with it, but we never imagined it would still be available for us to consider, since the lease for our apartment isn’t up until October 31st. I guess God had some different ideas in mind and we were blown away by his timing!

The house is located just a few blocks down from our church–which we are very excited about. It is an older neighborhood in Louisville, and admittedly a bit of a rougher section of Louisville. We’ve been a part of stepping into that neighborhood through different church events and we actually have several friends who have houses in the area as well. And now we’ll be able to call it our neighborhood too! We are hoping that our home can be yet another beacon of light where there is much darkness.

You might ask, well why would you choose to move your family from where you currently live to a less safe area? Our response: because God commands us to go! He commands us to get away from our comfortable life, to build relationships with those who do not know Him, and to be salt and light in dark places. And what a better time to do so than while we are here in Louisville, attending seminary, and being trained as ministers of the Gospel!

Are we nervous about the change? Maybe a bit. Right now, we live in a quaint little apartment complex 1-mile from the seminary and mostly filled with fellow students. So yea, things will be quite different. But Brian and I have always been firm believers that (1) sin is everywhere and (2) God is sovereign. God is in control in every situation and in every place of residence–so we can have faith that he will be watchful over our family in our new neighborhood.  Plus, he has also given us the necessary wisdom as parents to protect our family as much as is possible, should the circumstance warrant it.

Okay, I’ll end my rant on that. Anyway, we can’t wait for this new opportunity. We are so looking forward to making this house a haven to our family, friends and neighbors! Now begins the less fun aspect–packing.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for some photos of our cute new abode!

Levi: Week 42 Summary

How is my baby boy 10 weeks away from a year old? I still remember the day he was born so vividly. During our routine cuddle time this morning before his breakfast, I couldn’t help but notice what a big boy he was turning into. He has developed his own unique personality and he is just growing by the day. I’m so thankful that God blessed us with Levi. Here is a summary of last week (September 21-27)–his 42nd:

Still nursing! And pressing on toward our goal of 12 months!

This week, Levi also tried the homemade baby food I made for him. He loved all of it, with the exception of the cantaloupe and strawberry puree. Boy, he definitely hated that one! Too much melon flavor and not enough berry flavor is my guess. His face while trying it is priceless…

His naps were very sporadic this week and many were shorter than usual. I’m pretty sure this was due to one or two of his top teeth coming in.
Despite the fact that Levi’s naps were a bit off, he slept super well at night! Every night this past week, he slept from 7 PM – 7 AM. And this mama was sure happy about that!
Yes, he is definitely teething! I had my doubts since I couldn’t actually see teeth coming in, but last week one popped on through. It was his top left lateral incisor (so basically one next to his top middle teeth). I was surprised by this–all along I had expected his middle teeth to emerge first! He was definitely in so much pain though and he rarely let me put him down because of it. Brian and I started calling him “Snaggletooth” because of its lonesome placement. Toward the end of last week, I was pretty sure I spotted his right lateral incisor about to cut his gum as well. If that’s the case, Mr. Levi is going to have some amazing fangs.
Levi is now not only able to scoot around on his belly, but also his butt! When he is feeling particular lazy and sitting up, he’ll simply wiggle his legs to move his whole body forward. He can also rotate his body around while sitting on his butt, which is so funny to watch.
Not too much out of the ordinary this week! We spent a lot of time outside because the weather was so nice most days! Levi loves it outside, so most of the time he is super content just sitting in the grass and watching everything around him.


We did go to the SBTS pool one afternoon with my friend Cherish and her son (Levi’s buddy), Seth. They had a really fun time splashing around and just watching the other kids play.
We’ll see what next week holds!