Levi: Week 41 Summary

Not too much has changed this week, but here is a recap of Levi’s 41st wonderful little week of life.

We are pressing on! Levi is still nursing–dare I say even better than previous weeks. He isn’t as crazy distracted as he has been, except when Brian is in the room. He knows that daddy’s presence equals playtime! He officially only nurses from one side now; he hated the other side and it was just becoming frustrating for us both. He seems pretty satisfied, despite this change!

Solids are still the same. Levi tried a few new things this week, including pita bread with hummus and a mozzarella cheese stick! He loved the pita with hummus! That will be a new snack item in the afternoon. I also began planning a day long adventure in making 2 months worth of baby food for our little man. I will make sure to post about my experience with that soon!

“More hummus, please!”

Levi had a few good days this week and bad days this week as far as napping was concerned! I expected that though, since we were just getting back from vacation.

The first few nights we were back in town, Levi was still waking up every 2 hours or so. He wasn’t hungry–he just simply wanted to say hello. I was quite exhausted! But things gradually got back to normal. The last few nights of the week, he was back to sleeping from 7 PM-7 AM. Praise God!

Well, maybe he isn’t teething as we had originally thought. Still tons of drool, but no sight of those little chompers poking through his gums yet! His grumpiness is pretty much gone too. So we’ll see in the coming weeks!

Levi’s “scooting” really took off this week! He still won’t pick his belly up off the ground and he still needs to REALLY want something in order to be motivated enough, but the little man is quick when he wants to get from place to place. Luckily, it is still pretty easy right now to keep him contained to certain areas–which I like 🙂

He also started “waving” this week! It’s so cute. Brian and I have been waving to him every time we say hello or goodbye for about a month now–hoping he’d catch on eventually. He has! You can tell he still needs time to think about the motion when he wants to do it, but we’ve definitely seen him make the connection.

Man, not too much this week as compared to my last post! We stayed in a lot this week or just went on mini-outings to run errands and such. Levi and I both needed some down time after our busy trip.

That’s all for this week!


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