Levi: Weeks 39 & 40 Summary

The last two weeks have been super packed. Levi officially turned 9 months old and with that milestone came some definite struggles. We also attended the annual Fall Festival at SBTS and Levi and I took a trip to Florida to visit my family. It’s all been a bit of blur, but here’s as much as I can remember:

9.5 months and Levi is still nursing! I never thought I’d see the day. Amazingly, the countdown to his first year and the end to our journey in breastfeeding is on! Just under 10 weeks to go. Literally, every week that passes, I feel successful. He is pretty much only nursing from one side now–which means I haven’t been as rigid with his feeding schedule. I want to make sure he definitely gets enough milk. Usually, if he wakes early from his nap, I’ll let him nurse as much as he wants and then I put him right back down to sleep. He seems to be doing fine with that.

His appetite for solids is ever growing! The dude can eat. He is now eating about 2 oz of veggies, 2 oz of fruit and 2 oz of yogurt for lunch and dinner. Still doing oatmeal mixed with applesauce every morning for breakfast. I started giving him fruit puffs and Cheerios pretty regularly after meals now, as well as any other types of finger foods he might like. When we were in Florida, Levi was given a frozen chocolate covered banana for the first time. To say he loved it would be an understatement.

We are down to our last few jars of baby food that we bought last month, so I’m exploring the idea of making more homemade food.

The week Levi turned 9 months old, he suddenly had tons of trouble napping. He would wake after only 30-45 minutes. He might have had a bit of a cold or he might have been teething (or both), so I tried not to get to frustrated with his lack of a schedule.

When we went to Florida this past week, Levi did pretty well with napping–better than the week before. He still wasn’t 100% though, but I’m sure that was just because we were in a different place and some days he missed naps altogether due to our busyness.

I don’t remember much from week 39 as far as nighttime sleep–although I do remember that he rarely slept 12 hours straight without waking at least once or twice. So much for the 12 hour nights the week before!

Our 5 nights in Florida were pretty absurd. The first two, Levi did great. Slept from at least 10 PM to 7 AM each night. But the last three…oh boy! He was literally up every 45 minutes to 2 hours–even when he went to bed right on time. He was screaming like he was having teething or gas pains. My mom and I just could not figure it out. Finally, by the third sleepless night, we decided to put him in a different room than myself–thinking maybe he just kept waking because he knew I was sleeping right beside him. That night he finally slept 4 hours straight. It was the weirdest thing! And I was absolutely exhausted.

We are pretty positive Levi is teething right now. He keeps holding his gums, he is very clingy and altogether miserable, plus his mouth is currently a non-stop drool fountain. I am hoping this passes quickly.

My little man is 9 months old now! Crazy to think that in 3 months he will be a full year old. He is so much more fun by the day with new noises, skills, and a developing little personality. I just love him! Here are some photos from his 9 month “photoshoot.”








Levi had his 9 month appointment during week 39. Brian and I were extremely surprised–he weighed only 17.5 lbs (10th %) and measured 29 inches long (75th %). We thought for sure he was up to 20 lbs by now! So, not too much of a difference from his 6 month appointment when he was 16 lbs and 27.75 inches. He received 4 shots, plus 1 oral vaccine, and was overall very healthy. His doctor told us his iron was slightly low and that we needed to feed him more meats, beans, hummus, and dark greens.

We took Levi to his first SBTS Fall Festival on 09/06! It was such a fun time as we enjoyed the World’s Fair. We spent most of the time with our friends Josh, Carly and their baby Peter. Peter is exactly 6 months younger than Levi and they are almost the same size! Unfortunately, Levi was a bit cranky, since his doctor’s appointment was earlier that same day. We really wanted to see the “grand finale” of the night (which ended up being a laser light show), so we walked the babies around until they were asleep. Surprisingly, Levi slept right through the loud pops of the fireworks at the end!



Lastly, Levi and I flew home to Florida last week to spend a few days with my family and celebrate my brother’s 18th birthday! We had such a fun time with my mom, dad, brother, and grandparents–and we even got a chance to see Ethan and Anna. The photos speak for themselves!









Until next week!

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