My Life List.

I was recently inspired to create a list of things I want to accomplish before I die–a “bucket list” if you will. So they are listed below, in no particular order. I plan to cross items off periodically as I complete them.

1. Marry a godly man.
2. Graduate with my bachelor’s degree.
3. Buy a DSLR camera and take a photography class to learn the basics.
4. Become a mother.
5. Take 5-6 classes (or more) as a part of a Master’s program, simply for the sake of learning.
6. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.
7. Learn another language (at least to a level of functioning in another culture).
8. Run a 5K without stopping.
9. Travel to my grandfather’s childhood home in Italy.
10. Learn to make French macaroons.
11. Bake a red velvet cake completely from scratch.
12. Take a trip to Seattle.
13. Adopt a child.
14. Get SCUBA certified.
15. Make sushi at home.
16. Grow a vegetable garden.
17. Go ice skating in Central Park. 
18. Learn how to play the acoustic guitar.
19. Make at least one birthday cake from scratch for each of my children.
20. Sit down and organize all of my recipes.
21. Pick apples and pumpkins in the Fall. 
22. Cut down our own Christmas tree one year.
23. Memorize one chapter in the Bible (or more).
24. Plan a family fishing trip in Pensacola.
25. Visit Mount Rushmore.
26. Take my kid(dos) to Disney World.
27. Read the Harry Potter series + re-watch the movies.
28. Watch and read The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
29. Go back to Kansas City and eat some BBQ.
30. Sit on the back of a Texas longhorn.
31. Frame photos for a gallery wall in our home.
32. Take a family picnic in the park.
33. Learn how to properly sew on a button.
34. Go zip-lining.
35. Go whitewater rafting.
36. Read (or re-read) 20 classic novels from this list.
37. Paint a canvas to showcase in our living room.
38. Hike through the mountains with my family.
39. Consolidate a photo book for Levi’s first birthday (and each child thereafter).
40. Take a trip to both London and Paris.
41. Get a pedicure with a good friend.
42. Drive across the country with my husband.
43. Go on a ski trip.
44. Write and illustrate a children’s story.
45. Learn the basics of doing henna.
46. See my family name, in person, on the wall at Ellis Island.
47. Live indefinitely in another country.
48. Take a family camping trip–in a tent.
49. Watch the entire series of Lost (because supposedly it’s pretty good).
50. Dip my feet in the Mediterranean Sea.
51. Open up a coffee shop.
52. Continue to write regularly on this blog for at least 1 year.
53. Give cloth diapers a try.
54. Walk through and memorize the New City Catechism.
55. Travel to every continent at least once (okay, not Antarctica).
56. Go snorkeling in a crystal clear body of water.
57. Canoe with friends.
58. Try Ethiopian food.
59. Eat a beignet at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans.
60. Ride in a hot air balloon.

While all of these things are fun and worthwhile (and would certainly make for a life full of experiences), my ultimate goal is to grow closer to Christ, preach his words to my children, and share him with a lost world. This goal, I am not listing, as I hope to continue in this endeavor and privilege until the end of my days.


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