Levi: Week 33 Summary

Oh man, what a week! Between teething, a cold, his insatiable hunger, and recovering from VBS last week, it has been a rough week for both Levi and this mama. I am worn out. Seriously, I felt like we were back to Levi being 5 weeks old and me not knowing what was wrong with him or how to fix it. Here’s a summary:

Nursing is the same as last week–we are pressing on. I discovered Levi’s first tooth had cut through his gum last weekend! Which was exciting! But a bit nerve-wracking. We’ll see how it affects the area of nursing…I have a feeling that he might be a biter.

We’re still doing rice cereal mixed with a few teaspoons of fruit in the morning, without fail. I may switch him over to oatmeal this coming week, since we are just about out of rice cereal now–but it will still be the same idea. Since his tooth has started poking through, Levi seems to really enjoy more finger foods for lunch and dinner. Several days this week, he refused his normal purees for lunch (usually one fruit and one veggie), so towards the end of the week I started giving him some sweet potato “fries”, chicken breast strips and asparagus spears. He really loved that! The only problem is he still does not eat a ton when we do finger foods–and I could tell in the middle of the night. He started waking almost three times nightly! Not sure if this is definitely due to him not eating as much during the day (because he never really seemed hungry when he woke), or if its due to his teething and cold. Either way, I am going to be much more diligent this next week in making sure he gets some purees down before we do finger foods, in order to rule that option out!

Like I said, this was just a bad week! Only one day this week did Levi nap for longer than 1 hour–and even that nap was only 1.5 hours long. Not sure what happened to the 2-3 hour naps he was taking two weeks ago! It was very frustrating. I tried not to feed him when he woke early, so that at least his feeding times were consistent. And he didn’t really seem like he was hungry when he woke either. I’m still baffled by what happened. I’m just hoping it was due to his teeth or his cold and that we’ll be past it come next week.

Nothing new here! Still the same length of time and the same activities. For the most part, Levi was pretty happy during his wake times this week, despite his crazy sleeping patterns.

Levi didn’t sleep very well through the night all week. He did have one night where he slept from 7 PM to 7 AM, which was awesome. But I think that one was to prepare me for the rest of the week! He woke up at least two times every other night–sometimes three. Most of the time it took him 20-30 minutes to get back to sleep too. I guess we can just attribute this to his teething or to his cold as well. Hoping he gets back to his normal self soon!

Not too many this week, though we were pretty busy! Nothing out of the ordinary or noteworthy though 🙂



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