Levi: Week 30 Summary

I can’t believe my big guy is 30 weeks old! It went by way too fast. This past week was an interesting week for Levi. I’ll explain:

Feedings were pretty much the same as last week, our “new normal”. He nursed for about 10-20 minutes per session and then ate his solids. Some days this week, he inhaled his solids! When he would finish a bowl of whatever he was eating and I would leave to go put the bowl in the kitchen, Levi would sometimes act like he was still hungry–he would sit there with his mouth open, kick his legs, and flail his arms! He has quite the demanding side. He is officially eating pretty much every four hours, so his feeding times line up more with the standard times to eat each meal. I like that! More about his schedule later!

Here is what he ate (breakfast / lunch / dinner):
06/29- 2 oz rice cereal mixed with 2 tsp applesauce / tried homemade pureed peas and pureed carrots / none
06/30- 2 oz rice cereal mixed with 2 tsp applesauce / tried homemade pureed peas and pureed carrots / none
07/01- 2 oz rice cereal mixed with 2 tsp applesauce / 1 oz pureed peas / 1.5 oz pureed prunes, 1.5 oz applesauce and BLW with 1 French toast stick
07/02- 2 oz rice cereal mixed with 2 tsp applesauce and 1 oz blueberry yogurt / 1 oz pureed spinach and 1 oz pureed mango
07/03- 2 oz rice cereal mixed with 2 tsp applesauce and 1.5 oz blueberry yogurt / 1 oz pureed sweet potatoes, 1 oz pureed peaches and BLW with 1/2 banana
07/04- 2 oz rice cereal mixed with 2 tsp applesauce / 0.5 oz sweet potatoes and 0.5 oz pureed peaches / 0.5 oz pureed sweet potatoes, 0.5 oz pureed peaches and BLW with 5 strawberries (yes, 5!)
07/05- 1 oz blueberry yogurt / 1 oz prunes / 1 oz pureed mango and a few spoonfuls of peas

The first two days of the week, Levi tried my homemade baby food for the first time. He wouldn’t eat that much of it–I think because it wasn’t pureed as thin as he is used to. Jarred baby food (stage 1) are very, very thin purees. Mine were a bit more “textured”, so they took more getting used to! By the end of the week, he had no problem with the thicker purees though! He continues to love prunes, peaches, and sweet potatoes!

This week Levi tried mango and spinach for the first time. He inhaled the mango (I’m pretty sure he just loves all fruit in general!) and was very leery of the spinach at first. Like I said, it had a weird texture to it. Plus, it’s spinach. I found that when I alternated spoonfuls of mango and spoonfuls of spinach, he had no problem with the spinach anymore. The few days after eating spinach, he had some constipation issues though. He was still pooping just fine, but he would strain so long to get a tiny bit out. Spinach is FULL of iron, so I think that might have been the culprit. I’m going to hold off on having him try that again for another month or so!

Levi did fairly well with napping this past week! 4 of the 7 days, he took two 2-hour-long naps and then just a short catnap (30-45 min) in the early evening. He still has trouble transitioning sometimes–very seldom does he not wake for at least a minute or two during a nap. Sometimes, he will even stay awake for 30 minutes in his crib. But I’ve learned his whine/cry when this happens, so most of the time I can figure out if he’ll go back to sleep or not (yea, its taken 7 months to figure this out!). This week, I didn’t really have to go in during his naps to nurse him for a minute or two if he woke, which is pretty good progress! Since two of his naps have lengthened during the day, he has completely eliminated his 4th nap altogether. Even a few days this week, he didn’t really seem to need his 3rd–I’ve kind of just started playing that one by ear.

Levi’s wake time has lengthened a bit this past week as well. Things are changing all over the place! He now stays awake for about 1 hr 30 min to 1 hr 45 min for his first wake time of the day and anywhere from 1 hr 45 min to 2 hours for each wake time thereafter.

He still loves his floor gym (usually only in the morning) and his Jumperoo (he is such a crazy jumper now!). He hasn’t really had too much “Bumbo time” the past week (only when I’m working and he is awake), because I’m trying to get him to practice sitting up and scooting around on his belly.

The first half of last week, Levi woke once per night and I nursed him for 2-5 minutes to get him back into “sleep mode”. The last half, he did super well. This may be due to the fact that we were really busy the last half of the week and he didn’t get to bed until after his normal time. Regardless, I would nurse him whenever we arrived home (usually between 9 and 11) and those nights he slept until at least 7 AM.

The majority of the mornings this week were really overcast and rainy, so Levi slept until 7:30ish most mornings. Score! I wouldn’t let him sleep past 7:30 because I wanted his schedule for the day to stay somewhat consistent.

Since moving to a 4-hour schedule, everyday was fairly consistent this week, which has been really nice! Here is a rough outline of our day.

7:00-7:15 AM: nurse, give solids (cereal, fruit and/or yogurt), playtime on floor gym
8:45-9:00 AM: nap
11:00-11:15 AM: nurse, give solids (one fruit, one veggie, and/or BLW), bathtime, work on motor skills
12:45-1:00 PM: nap
3:00-3:15 PM: nurse, run errands if needed, playtime
4:30-5:30 PM: 3rd nap usually falls somewhere in this gap if he needs it, he usually does at this point in time
6:00 PM: sometimes I offer solids (one fruit, one veggie and/or BLW)
7:00-7:30 PM- nurse, bedtime (we had to move this a bit earlier once he dropped his 4th nap–he just can’t make it to 8 PM anymore without it)

Levi celebrated his first 4th of July last Thursday! We spent the evening with our community group–grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, watched a few neighborhood fireworks, and tried to keep all the kiddos entertained. Levi was kind of a grump the entire time. We brought along his playpen to try to get him in bed at his regular time, but he just screamed and screamed, refusing to sleep. Usually he is pretty good at sleeping in random places as we are on the go, but for some reason he was having trouble that day/week. So, I just gave in and let him hang out with us. One time, when he started getting whiny, I gave him a strawberry to suck on. He ended up eating 5 of them. And he wasn’t just sucking on them–he literally ate them down to the stem. It was hilarious! Here are some photos from the big day:





That’s all for this week!

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