Levi: Week 29 Summary

This is a summary for Levi’s 29th week, beginning on 06/22 and ending on 06/28. I’m a few days late with this, apparently 🙂

Levi is still nursing about 15-20 minutes per feeding and is continuing to extend his schedule to 4 hour intervals. We are really a mixture of 3-4 hours right now. He has consistently been waking around 6:45 or 7 AM every morning, so his feedings and nap times are becoming fairly regular. I am loving the quick nursing sessions these days! But, the fact that feeding him solids and cleaning up afterwards takes about 15-20 minutes, he really is eating for about the same amount of time as previously.

Solids this week (breakfast / lunch / dinner):
06/22- 2 oz rice cereal mixed with 2 tsp applesauce /1.25 oz pureed peas and 1 oz pureed peaches / none
06/23- Bottle at church / 1.25 oz pureed peas / none
06/24- 2 oz rice cereal mixed with 2 tsp pureed peaches / 2 oz pureed carrots and a few spoonfuls of pureed peaches / none
06/25- 2 oz rice cereal mixed with 1 Tbsp pureed peaches / 0.5 oz pureed carrots, 1 oz pureed sweet potatoes, 1 oz pureed peaches / none
06/26- 2 oz rice cereal mixed with 2 tsp pureed bananas, additional 1 oz pureed bananas and BLW with 1 French toast stick / none / none
06/27- 2 oz blueberry yogurt and BLW with 1 French toast stick / 1/4 avocado pureed / 1.5 oz homemade tomato soup and BLW with 1 slice white bread
06/28- 2 oz blueberry yogurt / none / none

I made some homemade baby food last week! Of what I made, Levi tried pureed peaches and pureed avocado first. He loved the peaches! He really doesn’t care for avocado pureed–so I think I’ll just continue to allow him to eat that whole, as a finger food. I also bought some blueberry yogurt (YoBaby) for him and he devoured it! It was the first time he had that much dairy though and I think it upset his stomach a bit, so I’ll  only give that to him every few days for a while.

He was still a bit sporadic in this area last week. Usually, he would take at least 1 two hour nap a day (most often his noon-ish nap), but all the rest varied. I’m hoping it will become more consistent soon!

Same as last week! No changes here.

Levi slept from his bedtime to around 6:45 or 7 AM four nights this week–so he is getting back on track for sure! The other times that he woke once in the night were because of really loud thunderstorms (we had several last week) or because he rolled over onto his belly. I would nurse him for 2-3 minutes and put him right back in his crib.

Little man is still working on rolling from back to tummy, sitting up, and standing with his feet flat on the floor (with support, of course). His fine motor skills are really improving as well–he has no problem picking toys/food up and bringing it to his mouth.

Yea, I didn’t get to that post about diapering that I wanted to. But it’s still going really great! I wash his diapers every other day and its not nearly as gross as I had envisioned. I guess as a mom, you get used to bodily fluids really quickly. So it’s not that bad! We are currently using: 4 Flip diapers covers + 12 inserts, 3 BumGenius 4.0 diapers, and 2 gDiapers (on occasion). The gDiapers aren’t my favorite–I much prefer the others. All of those combined are plenty to last us two days worth of diapering before I have to do a load of laundry. Last week, we did use disposables during the night and at church (he can’t wear cloth in the nursery due to the church policy, which is understandable). I’m really happy with cloth diapering thus far–it has so many benefits!

Levi went in the church nursery for the first time this past week (06/22)! I was a bit nervous about it. We honestly wanted to put him in there around his 3 month birthday, but with it being flu season, we held off a bit. Then I just got in the groove of nursing him during the service, so I delayed it even more. He is getting to be a bit clingy with me, though, so I knew it was time to stretch him socially! Our service time is during his morning nap, so the workers said he was fussy the entire time, but that he did okay. I could tell he was happy to see me when I picked him up, but we’ll still keep putting him in there! I think he’ll get used to it eventually.

On Friday of this past week, Brian got off work in the early afternoon, so we made it a family day! We went to downtown Louisville and got coffee at a shop we’ve been wanting to try called “Please and Thank You.” Then we walked across a new pedestrian bridge that goes over the Ohio River, all the way to the Indiana border. We technically walked to Indiana! It was a lot of fun and a beautiful day! Levi fell asleep when we were on the bridge, so we continued to walk for another mile or so along the riverside once we came back over the bridge. We actually got some nice flip flop tans! Yay!


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