One day this week, I decided to take photos of the moments in my day. Kind of like a photo diary. I know, sounds cheesy–you’re right. But I really wanted to practice some editing. Plus, I thought it would be kind of fun to look back 5 years from now and remember what my days were like in May of 2013. Who knows how many kids we’ll have by then, where we’ll be living, and what everyday life will look like? So this was my day: May 31, 2013.
I woke up to this guy. Just like this.


He nursed (yea, not photographing that) and then I fed him some pureed apples. He enjoyed them.


This was my breakfast. Iced coffee makes a good Friday morning spectacular.


8:00 AM: Got right to work while Levi had some play time.


And then took a picture of Levi playing, because he’s too cute not to.


We read his Jesus Storybook Bible before his first nap of the day. Some days this happens and some days it doesn’t. But it was a story about Joseph. And it made me cry–like most of the stories in that book do.


Sweet cuddly, bundly baby boy.


Then I did a little reading of my own. I’ll be the first to admit this doesn’t always happen either, but I’m trying to work on it. It greatly improves my day.


And…back to work.
Levi woke from his nap, he nursed and I striped him down…


Because it was finger food time! This day he had some avocado and two baby carrots.


Checking it out.


Yea, he loves that avocado.
By far one of his favorites times of the day: bath time! As you can see here.


Squeaky clean.


Then we picked out his outfit. And by “we” I mean myself. This day it had to be an extra special outfit because it was 6-month-photoshoot day.


Got his hair all combed over and fancy.


This is my favorite of the day. We were just chillin’ in his room.




And then nap time rolled around again.


Time to sneak a shower in for this spit-up-smelling mama.


Made myself a sammich and headed back to work.


Then it started raining…which in my book means its time to light a candle and feel all warm and cozy.


God was looking out for our garden…


No day is without household chores. Oh joy.


Afternoon snack time. I needed a little pick-me-up, so I went for the “mismatched sandwich cremes.” Sounds ridiculous, but they are the Whole Foods copycat of Oreos. Just as delicious (maybe even more so) and surprisingly cheaper (we like cheaper).


Little man was back up again and playing sweetly.


This is our living room. Humble and cozy. Welcome.


My love worked a 6 AM shift that morning…so he took a short snooze.


I got tired of taking pictures, so I leave off with this one as we headed to dinner. Brian isn’t much of a hand-holder, but he actually initiated this. So it was picture worthy.

So that is my photo diary of May 31, 2013. It took like 4 hours of my time (with all the photographing and editing and blogging) so I don’t think I’m up to the challenge again. I look forward to looking at this blog post again in 5+ years. Then it will be worth it.


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