Levi: Week 24 Summary

This is a summary of last week, Levi’s 24th week of life! It was a great week and he was all-around extremely happy. We continued with BLW and we also had some visitors!

Nursing was pretty much the same as last week. Levi is still eating every 3 hours (although, a handful of times this week, he did extend that to 3.5 hours). He is still extremely distracted–to the point where Brian and I can’t even talk while he is eating and the TV can’t be on! That’s frustrating.

We continued with BLW and some pureed solids this week. Here is what Levi ate:
Day 6 – 1/2 banana and 1 large strawberry
Day 7 – 1/2 avocado
Day 8 – 1 strawberry and 1 slice of avocado
Day 9 – 1.25 oz pureed pears and BLW with 1/2 banana
Day 10 – 1 oz pureed pears and BLW with 1 kiwi and 2 steamed baby carrots
Day 11 – 1/2 banana, 1 slice of cucumber, 1 steamed carrot, 1 wedge of cheese (he got to choose)
Day 12 – 1 oz pureed prunes and BLW with 2 steamed carrots and 1/2 banana

We found out this week that Levi LOVES prunes. Crazy man could not get enough! He also seems to really enjoy all of the finger foods he has tried as well. He tends to like the flavors of strawberries and carrots the best so far! He hasn’t quite figured out how to pick up the carrots yet (especially because I gave him some short baby carrots that I had on hand), so he learned to sweep the carrot to the side of his tray and bend down to suck on it (see picture above). It’s quite funny!

This was probably the best napping week for Levi ever. I started putting him down for his naps exactly 1 hour and 20 minutes from the time he last woke and he barely cried at all each time! He started really sucking his thumb more this week, so when I would put him down, he would roll to his side, stick his left thumb in his mouth and put his blanket near/over his face. I stayed in his room to watch a few times (without him knowing) and he would literally fall asleep within 3 minutes. This is a huge improvement considering he would cry for at least 10-15 minutes before every nap of his life! He also rarely woke during his naps this week as well. Usually he had been waking right at the 45 minutes mark. I feel bad, because now I realize I had been putting him down to sleep when he was already overtired (crazy what that extra 10 minutes can do!), so he had never been a great napper. I’m super glad things are changing for the better!

Same old, same old for wake time. Levi is still loving his floor gym, Bumbo, and especially his Jumperoo! He started really getting active in that thing–he’ll “run” and “jump” and twirl and lunge himself all over the place in that thing. We think it’s hilarious.

I noticed this past week that Levi is much more conscious of where his Sophie the Giraffe toy is. If he is playing with her and then accidentally drops her on the floor, he’ll either start whining for someone to give it to him or he’ll stretch as far as he can to try to get her. This is the first week that he has done that.

3-4 nights this past week, Levi slept from his bedtime (around 8 PM) to at least 6 AM–so that is definitely better than last week! Toward the end of the week, Brian’s parents were in town, so he was not on his usual schedule because we were out with them for most of the day. This really affected him, to the point where he woke twice one night. He also really started rolling over a lot in his sleep! I think he’s done that about 6 times now and it really scares him–he wakes up screaming. It’s really hard to hear him so scared, but I’m really trying to give him some time once he wakes up to get used to the idea of being on his stomach. Hopefully, if he gets used to it a bit more, it won’t totally disrupt his sleeping all the time.

Levi’s grandma and grandpa visited from Pensacola toward the end of this past week! He had a really fun time with them and was all smiles while they were here! They were here for the three days at the end of the week, so I kept Levi in a lot during the beginning of the week so that he got good rest in before they arrived.


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