Levi: Week 21 Summary


My baby is 5 months old? Please tell me this isn’t so! Yes, on Wednesday of this past week, Levi hit the 5 month milestone. Crazy how fast that went by! I feel as if each week and month that passes just becomes more and more fun. Levi is rambunctious, and cheerful, and stubborn, and sweet, and adorable–all wrapped up into one 15 pound bundle of soft baby. Gosh, I love him. And his hair is finally growing! That was random, I know…but it’s been a long time comin’. Here is the 21st week for Levi in a nutshell:

Nursing continued on as usual. He was pretty distracted again this week and he ate at 3 hour intervals (no 4 hour intervals like last week). All in all, it was a pretty normal week.

Oh man, Levi had trouble with his naps this week! The first two days of the week, he did not sleep for his first two naps of the days. I put him down at his normal time and he simply laid in his crib and talked to himself for an hour straight each time. At the one hour mark, I took him from his crib and put him in his swing–to see if he would possibly sleep there. Nope. The dude would not sleep. Luckily, the rest of the week he did take his normal naps, but even those were not very long. Most days, he would talk in his crib for at least 30 minutes and then finally fall asleep for 45 minutes or so. I’m a bit confused what to do with this guy! He clearly is able to stay up longer now (for almost 2 hours at a time), which tells me he may be ready to move to a 4-hour schedule, but he still needs to eat every 3 hours. He is anxious to eat at every feeding. So I’m hoping to just wait it out for another week and see what ends up happening.

Levi is still loving his Bumbo. Some days he enjoys his floor gym–but I have to catch him at the right time. Yesterday, he played on his floor gym for at least 30 minutes and literally rotated his body around the entire thing! He just squirms around to get where he wants to go! Still no rolling–but I’ve been trying to give him more tummy time everyday to encourage that. He still isn’t a big fan of tummy time.

Levi started laughing more this week, which is so fun! He also squeals now, which is pretty hilarious. Sometimes he’ll make a crazy noise and then completely pause whatever he is doing–as if to say, “wow, did that noise just come from me?!” He really is a happy boy (as long as he is well-fed, well-rested and not constipated, haha) and we feel so blessed by him everyday.

Well, remember that great progress Levi made last week. Yea, it wasn’t as great this week. He did well, but there were several nights that he woke multiple times. I think some of that was due to the fact that he hadn’t pooped for 3 days–he was a little gassy and uncomfortable by day 3, so I think that woke him. He also hit himself in his face one night, which woke him up. I know because he had a huge bloody scratch under his eye when I got him from his crib (and I just cut his fingernails the day before!) This past week definitely wasn’t terrible as far as him sleeping through the night was concerned, but maybe this week will be slightly better!

We didn’t really have too much going on this week apart from our usual activities! The weather the beginning of the week was gorgeous (70 degrees and sunny), so Levi and I were able to go for walks during the day. He really enjoys being outside–I think its very calming for him. Plus, he just loves to look around and take everything in. One day this week, I was meeting with a friend close to where my work office is, so I decided to take Levi into the office to visit everyone. There are many Hispanics where I work(ed), so they love to dote over “Le-bi”…they pronounce the “V” as a “B” in Spanish.

The Kentucky Derby was also this week! We did nothing in terms of celebrating it, since we don’t have cable TV and it was the weekend before finals at SBTS–but still, it happened during this 21st week of Levi’s life.

On a side note, I’ve been trying to hone my photography skills a bit. I really would like a fancy-pants camera (that’s been my dream gift since I was like 12), but they’re expensive. So I figure, I have a nice point-and-shoot now…plus I have Photoshop…so might as well improve my skills a bit and make sure a nice camera is something we should invest in. Here are some photos below from this week. The first two are just fun ones from Levi’s 5 month photoshoot and the last ones are ones I edited a bit (I’ve been playing around with a more vintage look). Enjoy!


I mean, really? This face.
Oh, he’s silly.




Oh, and happy Cinco de Mayo. Love, Le-bi.


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