Levi: Week 20 Summary

Here’s a recap of Levi’s 20th week!

Nothing too new this week as far as feeding is concerned for Levi. We did not try any solids this week, which turned out to be a great thing (stayed tuned for his sleeping tendencies!) Some days during the beginning of the week, he actually extended to 3.5 to 4 hours between feedings. This was mostly due to a longer afternoon nap during those days. Toward the end of the week, he leveled back out to 3 hour intervals. I think he is progressively going to put himself on a 4 hour schedule within the next month or so, but I’m not going to push it. If I’ve learned anything with Levi thus far, it’s that he does things in his own time 🙂

Overall, Levi took great naps all week! On occasion, he would cry it out for about 15 minutes, but even those times seemed rare this week. I figured out he goes down best for his morning nap about an hour and 20 minutes from his first feeding. He also started extending his mid-afternoon nap to about 2 hours! As long as he gets a good morning nap and a solid 2 hour nap in the mid-afternoon, he usually just needed a 45-60 minute nap in the late afternoon to keep him happy until bedtime. He was taking four 1.5 hour naps each day, so most days this week he was able to eliminate his last one! Some days he had more trouble!

Levi’s time awake was pretty pleasant all week! He was content to independently play on his floor gym or in his Bumbo. He really enjoyed his Sophie giraffe this week and he has learned how to hold her better and gnaw on her! After a few weeks of busyness, we also started reading his Jesus Storybook Bible again before his morning nap. He really loves the pictures! On a good day, we can get through about 2 pages before he gets antsy…but hey, even a little truth is some truth 🙂

Levi’s mobility skills are ever-increasing! This week he continued to figure out how to “pivot” his body while on his belly and his back. It’s hilarious to watch him wiggle back and forth to do this. He also started laughing a bit more this week! He does it when Brian or I poke him in his ribs or sometimes when I put him on my knees and bounce him around like Superman. It’s the cutest laugh ever…but I may be a bit biased…

Breakthrough! That’s all I have to say about this week in this area. Every night this week Levi slept at least 8 hours and some nights even 10-11 hours! We have been putting him to bed at 8 PM every night (ones that we are home), which usually works perfect because his last feeding is around 7 PM. He seems to either wake around 4 AM or 6:30 AM on any given morning–both of which are totally fine with me! If he wakes at 4 AM, I usually will give him a full feeding to hold him over until at least 7 AM. Several times this week, when he woke at 6:30, he didn’t actually sound hungry, so I let him cry it out. Typically, he would go back to sleep until at least 7:30. Only one time did his crying escalate to where I felt like he was hungry. I half-fed him that time, put him back in his crib, and he slept until 8 AM. I’m hoping this trend continues! I’m proud of my little guy!

No real big events this week in the life of Levi. Once he started sleeping through the night in the beginning of the week, I wanted to stay consistent as possible so he would keep it up! So he didn’t go out much at nighttime, when possible to keep him in! I don’t always want to do that with him, but I figure he has to establish that pattern for now.

One fun thing that happened this week in the life of our family was our friends, Ethan and Anna, announcing their pregnancy! We had known for a few weeks, but they finally made it public! Yay! We are very excited for them and can’t wait for Levi to have a Crowder buddy/girlfriend to play with! He or she is due on November 29th–two days before Levi’s 1st birthday. Here’s to hoping for a birthday buddy for him 🙂

In closing, here are the many faces of Levi Hudson this week:


That’s all for now. Until next week!


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