Levi: Week 17 Summary

17 weeks! Levi’s First Easter!

Levi is officially 4 months old! Crazy to think about. He had a pretty eventful week. Here’s a quick recap:

Nursing is pretty much the same as last week. One distracted boy! There were several times this week that he seemed satisfied after eating for only 30 minutes, so that was definitely nice!

Levi also tried rice cereal again two times this week. The first time, I think I made it a bit too thin, so he had trouble with it. And boy, did it make a mess! The second time, I was sure to make it a bit thicker and he did much better. He actually ate the entire bowl! Then he screamed for the next hour from constipation…. We are going to wait a few more days before trying it again.

Still loving the Bumbo and floor gym. Levi did grab a toy that was sitting in front of him this week and start waving it around. First time for that! Still working on the whole rolling over thing as well.

I think something clicked about naps this week for Levi! It was great. He would easily sleep 1-2 hours at a time and barely fussed or woke at all. I made sure to put him down right at the 1.5 hour mark from when he had woken–earlier if he was getting fussy. On Monday, he actually napped for 3 hours straight! Brian and I laid down to take a 1 hour nap, while he did. We didn’t set alarm, assuming he’d wake us up. Yea…3 hours later I woke up…and Levi was still sleeping. First time for that! Usually the kid is like clockwork. I think he was just exhausted from our busy Easter Sunday the day before.

There was only one night this week where Levi woke multiple times! Yay! All other nights he woke around 3 or 4 AM and then slept through til morning. It was a great week for sleep! I have officially figured out that doing a dreamfeed does not work for this kiddo. Every time I feed him at 8 PM and then put him down while he was awake immediately after, he would sleep 8 hours straight (til 4 AM), but every time I dreamfed him around 10 PM, he would wake at least two more times throughout the night. I think it just messed with his sleep rhythm or something. Done with that!

Levi’s first Easter was this week! He had no clue. Brian’s 26th birthday was this week. Also, no clue. Lastly, he had his 4 month doctor’s appointment this week. This, he figured out! He had to get 3 shots and 1 oral vaccine. Poor baby 😦

He weighed in at 14 lbs even and measured 25.5 inches in length! 40th percentile for weight and 70th percentile for height. Looks like we’ll have a tall and lean little guy on our hands…not surprising, considering his daddy!

We’re heading to Florida tomorrow for a 10 day much needed vacation! Can’t wait to take this guy in the pool and show him the beach. It’s going to be great. Praying it won’t totally ruin all the progress he has made this week! But it will be worth it, regardless. That’s all for now!


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