Levi: Week 16 Summary

16 weeks!

Man, this last week was rough! Levi was so great all week, but I was super sick with a cold/sinus infection (couldn’t really tell what it was–all I knew is that I felt terrible) so that made things difficult. To top it all off, I had a huge final paper to write for my seminary class, so that just added to the stress! Here’s a summary of Levi’s last week as a 3 month old babe. I’m not crying, really.

The only real difference with feeding Levi this week was his level of distraction. He usually eats for about 30-40 minutes, but this week, every time we hit the 20 minute mark it was hard to keep him focused! He would literally stop eating and just stare at me and smile. He would just gaze into my eyes like I was his favorite person in the world; I think I am–but don’t tell Brian 😉 Of course, that made me feel great, but the dude needs to eat or the whole day goes downhill quick!

Related to feeding, Levi tried rice cereal for the first time this week as well! He seemed to like it…kind of…
I think he was just very confused as to what was happening and then halfway through the bowl he started screaming because he just wanted his milk. I haven’t tried it since that day (I’ve been too lazy), but I do plan on trying it again this next week!

This stayed the same as last week too! Bumbo and floor gym and the toys of choice. I was reading a blog about tummy time recently and how to get him to like it more. One tip they give is to lay on your back and put the baby on your legs in the air (like Superman). We tried it! And he LOVED it! He literally laughed and smiled the whole time. I think he liked that he felt taller than me for once. And he actually has liked tummy time a lot more since doing that, so success!  Levi did roll from tummy to back 4-5 times this week as well!

Levi napped pretty much the same as last week as well–mostly long naps (1-1.5 hrs) and a few shorter ones. I’ve started to figure out his cues for napping are fussiness and red around his eyes. He does yawn occasionally too, but if I put him down before the other two things happen, he won’t actually go to sleep for 20-30 minutes.

Well apparently, not much has changed this week, because Levi’s nighttime sleep is about the same as well! A few times when I dreamfed him around 10 or 11 pm, he didn’t automatically wake up 3 hours later, which was the issue before. I’ve learned if I do dreamfeed him at night to try to keep him as asleep as possible. Sometimes that is difficult, but I figure if he doesn’t wake up and I’m just filling his belly to hold him over, then he won’t automatically want to wake up 3 hours later. We’ll still experimenting with that!

We stayed home pretty much all week because I was sick and because I had a paper to write–I called it my “hermit week.” So there were no big events in the life of little Levi. Poor guy.


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