Levi: Week 13 Summary

13 weeks!

Levi turned 3 months old on March 1st and hit 13 weeks just the day after. We had been in Florida the entire week before, where he was held often, loved on all the time and fed anytime he wanted, so week 13 was rough to say the least! It took all week long to get him back in his normal routine and rhythm. Here’s a bit about Levi from last week:

Nursing was difficult this week because he got used to so many bottles while we were in Florida. Obviously, bottles are easier for him, so he grew to prefer them. I also had to get him back on his 3-hour feeding schedule, which was hard. He seemed to always want to sleep through his feedings, but when I put him down for his naps, he would wake in hunger. It was a vicious cycle! Luckily, by the end of the week, we were back on track.

Sadly, Levi’s time awake this week wasn’t too enjoyable for any of us 🙂 He was cranky through much of it! He did always enjoy laying on the rug in his room, though–whether I was in there with him or not. I think that’s just a good, familiar place to him. This week, he did actually start interacting with his Sophie the Giraffe toy. I would move her around his face and give her a good squeak and he would follow her with his eyes. It was short-lived, but good!

His naps this week were sporadic and short. I figured it was either due to our trip or to a possible growth spurt.

Well, the week before FL, Levi was sleeping 7-8 hours per night. Week 13, when we returned, he was back to his old ways. This might be due to the fact that in FL, I ran to get him at his first cry so that he didn’t wake anyone else in the house (normally I see if he will cry himself back to sleep). I think he got used to that, unfortunately. Now he has developed a pattern of waking at 2:30 AM  and 5:30 AM every night. I started doing “half-feedings” with him this week to start weaning him from those night feedings and show him that he is able to sleep longer than he thinks!

Non-existent this week!

I really made it a priority to stay in with Levi as much as possible this week to help him recuperate! We didn’t really go anywhere–which was making me crazy, but good for him.

Levi in FL. We had a really great time!

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