This New Chapter.

This past month sure has been packed with excitement. On August 7th, we found out that we were expecting a boy!


It was such a memorable evening, that I know we’ll be proud to share with him. Brian came with me to the doctor for my 20-week ultrasound and he was amazed at what he saw! The ultrasound tech had to press down pretty hard with the scope to change the focus of the picture. Let me just tell you, that was uncomfortable enough for me, and babyMat sure did NOT like it. After the ultrasound was over, he was kicking me harder than he ever had! I’m pretty sure he was a bit frustrated. It was so awesome to see him moving around during the ultrasound and check out all his little limbs and organs. We fell even more in love with our little guy!


We had the ultrasound tech put the “reveal” photo in a little box that I had made so that we could open it at dinner that night. When we left the doctor, for some reason, we were both thinking it was a girl! Just the night before we had decided on two girl names to choose from, so maybe that is why we were in “girl mode”. [If baby M was a girl, she would have been either Peyton Noel or Isabelle Grace–looks like those names will be put on hold for a few more years!] So, when we opened the box about 20 minutes into our dinner, we were literally shocked to find out we were having a boy! It was a pleasant surprise, to say the least.
Since that time, my belly has continued to grow, our boy has continued to be his rambunctious self, we might have decided on a name for him, and he has gained about 20 outfits in his stylish little wardrobe. My grandma just started following our blog, so here are some belly photos for you, Grams!
15 Weeks!
18.5 Weeks!
20 Weeks!
22.5 Weeks!
On a non-baby related topic, we both started class two weeks ago! With just one class to have to worry about, I have gained a much deeper appreciation for my husband. I have absolutely no idea how he handles 3-4 classes a semester, plus working part-time to help provide for us! It’s a ridiculous amount of work and I’m so very proud of him for how well he has done this past year. He has a 3.75 GPA, ya’ll! Okay, I’m done bragging on him.
Lord willing, we’ll be moving to a new apartment sometime near the first of November! It’s a little bit later than we were hoping for, but we can’t break our current lease without a penalty until then. We are excited to move into a 2-bedroom apartment (moving up in the world!) and to get the baby’s room all set up. His pile of clothes, blankets, books and teethers in our living room is slowly getting out of control…we need a place for his stuff! We have decided to go with a fish theme in his room because we want to use some of the Guy Harvey wall photos we have — and because his daddy is the best fisherman I know.
I am getting SO ready for Fall to arrive! It’s been about 60 degrees on any given morning and the evenings are just splendid. I’m ready for the leaves to start changing colors again, for Pumpkin Spice lattes, and for apple and pumpkin picking at Huber’s farm! Fall is by far my favorite season and its even more enjoyable now that we live in Louisville.
Well, it’s Saturday morning. Brian is at work and I can tell babyMat is starting to get hungry. Time for some eggs and toast 🙂 That’s all for now.





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