How We’ll Be Finding Out…

On August 7th, we’ll be finding out if our firstborn is a boy or a girl. We are super excited and anxious for the day to come, but also a little nervous about the reality of it all! We prefer to have a boy first (Brian especially), but we are very aware of the fact that there is a 50/50 chance here! Regardless of the baby’s gender, we wanted to make that day extra special–something that we can look back on with happiness and also be proud to tell our future son or daughter about. Here is what that day will look like for us:

Both of us will have to work all morning and into the afternoon. I’m sure that will be oh, so fun!

My ultrasound appointment is at 2 PM, so we’ll be meeting each other at the doctor’s office then.

We chose to not actually find out the sex in the ultrasound room itself. We’ll enjoy the ultrasound (it’ll be Brian’s first live look at our baby!) and the doctor will make sure the pipsqueak looks to be in tip-top shape anatomically. Then, we’ll have the doctor write the sex of the baby on a piece of paper or on an ultrasound photo and place it in the special box I made for the day. It looks like this:

From that point, we’ll leave the box unopened until we are at dinner that night (yes, this will be very difficult). We chose a nice Italian restaurant to eat dinner at for two reasons: one, its a locally owned place and our baby will be born in Louisville–so that’s just special–and two, we have to raise this baby knowing all about his or her Italian heritage–okay, that’s more of my reasoning than Brian’s. We’ll probably open the box toward the end of our meal! Anticipation, anticipation!

Then, we’ll head to the mall! I’ve been wanting a charm for my Pandora bracelet that is “baby-related”, but all the fun ones they have at Pandora are gender specific. So what better night to actually get it then the night we actually find out the gender?! We’ll buy the baby bootie charm with either a pink stone or blue stone (courtesy of my Aunt Lala!). After that, we may buy the baby an honorary “this was bought for you on the day that we found out what sex you were” outfit. It just seems fitting (and we’ve been dying to do that for weeks)!

After our evening of celebration, we’ll contact some loved ones and then announce it to the world via Facebook of course.

So that’s the plan! Boy v. Girl? We’ll see what the outcome is!


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