So…We’re Having A Baby.

So as is public knowledge now, we are having a baby. And sometime on or around Christmas day, which is still crazy to us. Neither of us have ever particularly wanted a “Christmas baby.” We felt as if the holiday celebration would overshadow the birthday celebration, but obviously we don’t have a choice in that matter now so we are set on making it work! Who knows, maybe he or she will come a few weeks early?

So this was not planned–it was actually very unexpected–but we are excited! A little over a year ago we came to the conclusion that we, in our finite wisdom, had no clue when we should begin our family. As many of you know, we long to move overseas, so there never really seems to be a “good” time to have a kid when you plan on doing that. Before we leave? After we leave? So many questions. But we know that God knows when the best time is and that He gave us this baby NOW for a reason. We are confident that He will provide and He will direct us as we begin this new chapter in our marriage and in our life.

So, funny story. The day we found out, Brian was the one who actually made me take the test. I actually did not think I was pregnant at all. Maybe it was denial, maybe ignorance–I’m not sure. When I saw that it was positive, I literally went straight to our room, laid on our bed and looked at the ceiling for what seemed like 30 minutes. When Brian actually realized that I had been missing for who knows how long, he came looking to see where I was (we have a 1-bedroom apartment, there aren’t too many options). I told him that it was positive. He didn’t believe me (classic “boy who cried wolf” syndrome–I had joked with him multiple times in the past about this when tests were actually negative). And then I showed him the proof! So…then we went to the family room, sat on our couch and stared blankly at the wall for what seemed like 30 minutes. It wasn’t that we weren’t excited, it was just that feeling of, “holy crap, this is for real.”

So it’s been about 5 weeks since then. I’ll be 12 weeks along on Tuesday and I am so ready to reach that milestone! We had a close call around week 6 (which is why we already have a picture of the little squirt), but after a doctor’s appointment, they confirmed that everything looked normal and healthy. Praise God! Then our baby went out of the country for his or her first time and got to experience France with us. Or should I say, I got to experience France with him or her! Thank you, constant nausea. I’m starting to show a bit, which is pretty strange, I must admit. I’ve learned that pesto is not my friend and neither is Chinese food. Brushing my teeth also makes me want to puke (ironic, I know).

So, that’s where we are at. Brian, myself and this little person who we are anxious to meet. We know its going to be interesting, but we are ready for the journey! We’ll be in touch.



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