Wow…It’s Been a While…

So it’s been a few weeks since I last wrote on this blog. That is for two reasons: (1) at one point I was extremely busy and exhausted to even have the time or motivation to write and (2) because I haven’t really been looking forward to sharing what has been happening as of late. But I now have the time and I now think its a decent time for an update….so here it is…

I’ll start with the good stuff. And believe me, there has been A LOT of good stuff. The Lord continues to bless even through the times of despair. We have been resting in His promises and His blessings and His willingness to provide for us on a daily basis.

One great thing that has occurred recently is that Brian began his training for his new job today! After a few weeks of interviews, drug testing (he was clear LOL), background checking (also clear), he finally got his job as a bank teller for PNC Bank here in Louisville! He is very excited about it…but not so much about the fact that he has to wear a tie to work everyday 😉 So he’ll officially be working MWF and going to school Tuesday and Thursday. It’s perfect and I think that his personality will fit the job exceptionally well!

Another good thing is the weather here. Today is a glorious high of 65 degrees. It’s sunny (a change from last week’s overcast 65 degrees) and breezy and perfect light jacket weather! The leaves are beginning to fall…which means any day now, they’ll all start to change in color! So excited for that! Last Friday night, the Seminary hosted a humongous Fall Festival that was Narnia themed. There were jousting knights and endless carnival snacks and bluegrass music…not to mention about 20 inflatable games for the kiddos! It was definitely a blast! This Saturday, our church (yes, we have decided on a church!) is hosting another Fall Festival that is supposed to be equally as fun. We are already signed up to help with the clean-up of the event, so hopefully we’ll be able to make some new connections with fellow church members through that!

We decided to start attending Sojourn Community Church–the Midtown campus, for all you KY followers. It is completely different than anything that we’re used to…and that is a big part of why we chose to make that our home. It is definitely more of an urban church with a focus on reaching out to the urban community of Louisville. It also has a very young age demographic (something we weren’t sure if we really wanted, but something we decided we could live with). Overall, Sojourn is very missionally minded and focused on expanding the Kingdom through continuous church planting endeavors. One thing that sets it apart from other churches that we had visited is their unique blending of certain Catholic practices into the service. The location of the church is a heavily Catholic influenced area, so Sojourn actually incorporates some things you would typically practice in a Catholic church (ie. liturgy, weekly communion–without compromising its grounded Southern Baptist doctrine) to reach out to that community. All in all, we love it and are excited for the opportunity to spend a couple of years in a church that has this different dynamic to it!

So, for the not so good news, I do not have a job anymore. Sad, but true. The nanny job basically fell through after a week of being there. I’m not going to get into details, but it took me a little while to get adjusted to the job and the family wasn’t too willing to wait for that to happen. Overall, I’m obviously bummed about it but I’m trying to view the week that I had worked there as a learning opportunity. I know that there is something else out there and I know that God has sovereign control of the situation. So my job search has began once again…and it sure would be nice if I could find something sooner rather than later. Please keep this situation in your prayers–that myself, and that family, would find something that could better fit each of our needs.

I think that’s pretty much extent of life right now! Keep Brian in your prayers as well as he learns to balance the demands of a 30 hr/week job and a Master’s level course load!! I’ll say time and time again that I am so grateful for his sacrifice and contribution!

Sorry for the super long post…there was just a lot of catching up to do!
With love always,


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