Answered Prayer!

This last week and a half in our life has been filled with many ups and many downs. Thankfully more ups than downs! While I didn’t get the leasing consultant job I was hoping for, many more options presented themselves! After a few days of diligent prayer, yesterday proved to be an amazing milestone in both of our job searches! I applied and had an interview with a nannying agency who actually gave me the contact info for a family who is looking for a nanny immediately (I was able to have an interview with the mother today and it seems pretty promising)! I also got three other calls for interviews yesterday from a variety of other employers…all in the matter of minutes. It was amazing! Brian also got a call from one of the banks he has been waiting on and they are finishing up the hiring process, which is awesome! To say the least, God is providing!

Brian has been enjoying his classes so much…although he is starting to get a little tired of all the reading he has 🙂 I have gone to a few with him and they are unlike anything I have ever experienced. They are like Sunday School on ridiculously strong steroids! I begin my Seminary Wives Institute (SWI) class on Thursday night and I am very excited for that! Especially because it will allow me to make some connections with some other women here in Louisville. I was a little skeptical, but apparently SWI classes here at Southern aren’t as lame as what one would initially think. Almost all of them are taught by actual professors wives and are very theologically based (not “how to make curtains” based–although that could be helpful) 😉

We are planning on visiting one more church on Sunday and then we think we will be making our final decision on where we make our church home! The crazy thing about Louisville is that there are so many amazing churches that its so hard to choose! We think we have found where we are going to stay, but we think this last visit on Sunday will help confirm that.

Thank you for your prayers and your love!!
We miss all of you!



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